Let's face it, we're human. We all make mistakes. Our clients make mistakes. Let's show the newbies that these things do happen and add a little light-hearted humor to our day.

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Wax chaos 1 Reply

Everyone has had the terrible, frightening experience of getting wax in some place we didn't mean to.  Eyebrows, eye lashes, hair and let's not forget the dreaded bikini wax errors! I had rushed into…Continue

Started by Kimberlee Bowen. Last reply by Terry Hill Aug 14, 2013.

Is honest advise a bloober? 1 Reply

I have a long time facial waxing client schedule a leg wax as she on her way to HI the following week.That being said, she takes her pants off and when I witnessed what she was not waxing before her…Continue

Started by Elizabeth Lee Pasko. Last reply by Natalie Lewis Jan 21, 2013.

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Comment by Amy Sherman on August 29, 2013 at 1:04pm

I once was in the middle of the massage on a client and a large caterpillar appeared and walked up the client wrapped. I was HORRIFIED!!! We had had several problems with them over the month and so I made this sweeping motion as part of the massage.  I told the receptionist and the next day I came into work and my room was covered in little plastic caterpillars. HAHAH!

Comment by Julie Forkenbrock on November 4, 2011 at 1:38am
Oh, these stories are hilarious to read!  When I was in class and giving a client facial one day, I mixed up my ingredients and could not tell what was what exactly so I gave a gal an SPF 30 mask....Luckily, she did not notice and I just continued on my way.  My very first in class leg waxing client - took me an hour and a half to do both of her legs.  I knew I was slow and I asked how long it chould take and my instructor said about 20 mins...I thought she meant for each leg and didn't feel too bad...nope...she meant for both.  But I will say I was very thorough and all of her hair was gone :)
Comment by Stacey Johnson on November 4, 2011 at 12:58am
I had a full leg and classic bikini wax - I was using soft wax for the legs and hard for the bikini and i switched back and forth like i normally do and at the end of the service i had her lay on her stomach to do the back of the legs and i didn't even notice that i started to cover her calf with hard wax! I realized what i was doing as it was not spreading like normal. I pretty much put her leg in a wax cast! It was ridiculous. But i rounded off my corners and got it off no problem. It really didn't do that well of removing the hair either haha and thankfully the client didn't know i was having a dork moment.
Comment by Diane Feeney on September 20, 2011 at 1:41pm
I had a client who was having an eyebrow & lip wax prior to leaving for her grandaughter's bat mitzvah.  As we were waxing her eyebrows, she was talking and of course making expressions and I ended up taking half of her eyebrow off.  I was so upset and ended up buying her a brow kit from our makeup artist.  She laughed about it, thank goodness.  Lesson to be learned, tell your clients not to talk while waxing. 
Comment by kathryn Barrel on September 6, 2011 at 6:43am
Bloopers! I love it! Being an esthetician for the past 10 years, i have had a few bloopers. My most recent: In 10 years, being an independant owner, I have NEVER forgotten a client appointment, even tho a few have forgotten theirs!  My record is broken  :O(  2nd to last day of my daughters kindergarten class, and I was so tired from everything we did at school that day, and I had forgotten I had a client at 4 pm that day! My friend that I work with called me, and i said, no!   Luckily it was one of the HOT days we had here in MI, and my client took a nap while she waited for me. I DID refuse to let her pay for her service on the premise that it was my fault, and she even tried to tip me.... Needless to say, i pray it will never happen again! I felt terrible!
Comment by Patricia Preuss on February 17, 2011 at 5:44am
I am a new member of this really great website and have been laughing ever since I started reading these really funny waxing experiences. I am looking forward to participating in this group but I have heard such horror stories that waxing is not my favorite procedure. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Susan Ferguson on February 3, 2011 at 2:42pm
That is absolutely too funny.  She obviously did not have a great sense of humor.  I got wax stuck on one of my clients piercings...down there... and when I got the wax off of the ring I noticed the little ball in the wax.  My hands were to slippery and I could not get the ball back on the ring.  We both laughed hard as plan B was having her  go to the piercing shop to have it put back on..... She was and is a regular and I did not charge her I was so frustrated with myself.  For me, If I was that client, your situation would have been a great story to tell and laugh about for a long time to come and I would have returned as a client.
Comment by Tiffany Jent on February 3, 2011 at 1:30pm
Okay so about three years ago, I was getting ready to do a brazilian on a new client.  I had just eaten a lovely lunch... full of garlic.  No one had a mint so I had to accept a piece of gum.  I NEVER chew gum.  My client had a great sense of humor.  she opened with the statement "Aren't you at least going to buy me a drink before we start"  I was taken so off guard that I literally laughed out loud and my gum flew out of my mouth and hit her like a bulls eye.  Yep, there.  We laughed it off at the time and continued on.  I did not see her again... until... I opened my own business.  She came in for a brazilian and recounted the "GUM" incident... She said that she never returned to that woman because it grossed her out what had happened.  Oddly, she doesn't remember me and I am NOT telling!!!
Comment by Jodi on January 31, 2011 at 8:57pm
I used to wax my own eyebrows, until I got the wax too close to my actual brow while doing the area inbetween and ended up ripping off 1/8th of my brow from the middle over to the the start of my pupil.  It looked ridiculous, thank goodness for a good brow powder.  If I had to walk around like that, while waxing other's no one would trust me!  It's so much easier to wax someone else than it is yourself looking in a mirror. I don't do my own brows anymore!  :)
Comment by Katrina Matos on January 26, 2011 at 8:15pm

@Susan -- OH! OWWW! I do know that horrible feeling when you realize the wax has been applied -- it MUST come off! Or be oiled off, as Kimberlee so nicely talked us through... 

@Rachael -- yes, I started my own bikin wax once with strip wax and did not finish. Hard wax was much better. :-)


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