I own a salon/spa.  I have a both renter who's lease is up at the end of September and I would like to not renew her lease with me.  What would be the proper and legal way to do this?  I am a new owner and have never had to do this before.  I believe that a 30 day notice is required, but I am not sure what type of legal form I should be using.  Any info or help is greatly appreciated ")

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Thank you for this, very interesting.

You're welcome, Heather. I hope everything works out!

I actually ended up callng an attorny to draft an eviction notice for this renter because I know that it will be a fight and I want to dot my i's and cross my t's.  Less expensive to do this right the first time :)  Loved reading the article though.

Sounds like you are doing it all the right way! Hope it resolves without issue or drama. :)

probably not, but once the dust settles, all will be well :)


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