A skilled and knowledgeable esthetician that can understand and feel comfortable providing chemical peels can achieve a great result for the client. An esthetician that is always looking for more information, improved technology to provide the advanced results and five star customer services is an advanced esthetician who wants to treat their clients with advanced and result achieving treatments. Chemical peels has developed into one of the most popular procedures in the skin care industry, but great variation exist in three results, peel solution, post care procedures and home care regiments. Customized treatment always shows remarkable results in the improvement of both the epidermis and dermis; with this said:

California Advanced Esthetics is offering an advanced chemical peel class. The class will obtain subjects of creation of protocols, recipes of home care and customized treatments.


  • Skin Care Professionals and students only
  • Bring a Model (or get treatment for yourself).
  • Must Buy One of Our Advanced Treatment Products

call 619.272.0229

California Advanced Esthetics

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When is the class being offered and what brand of Products are you selling that is required of us to purchase?

Renee Abbott, We are selling white Line Essentials. We have our own scientist who creates products for us. I would like to invite you to our facility for a chance to meet our director of education, Tamara Yusupoff. Please email me at truehl@caadest.com for more information.


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