Hello fellow beauty and skin health professionals. I really need some help right now; I have come up with marketing ideas that I am very proud of the only problem is they are of more benefit of others than to myself. I guess what I am saying is can you help me to get grounded?

1. Hold interviews with other local talent and post it on my webpage that way it will draw more attention to the services of the person I am interviewing as well as my site, and creates a cross promotional network of sorts. I have a personal trainer, makeup artist, and new author lined up but I am worried because I haven't found a way to make this pay off for my end of the investment.

2. I started a model program they get their first three treatments free along with enough samples to last them through the followups in return I am allowed to use unidentifiable before and after pictures. Also they get 10% of of their product kit which with all of the savings from the three free treatments they have every opportunity to afford. This program is very flawed I need some help pretty please because I know I am missing the mark I just don't know what the mark is.

3. I want to start doing a referral service to local talent and charge maybe a 20% referral fee but I don't know how to implement it. I figure with this my brand can get out there to other new professionals as well as clients. I would love to hear more polished ideas on this

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HI Soynia,

All great ideas! I just think you are selling yourself short, Free is going to get everyone to want your services but get you No where  really fast . Why are they getting the first 3 free? Also why free why not just a discount, People love discounts that makes them feel they are getting more for there money. You need to set a presidence that upholds your worth and believe me and you we are very worthy of what we do and can do for people. What are the other people doing to network you into there world of contacts as well? Just a few things to ponder on Hope it Helps I understand the frustration of marketing ourselves I am on the same boat. We can Not afford to give ourselves away. Good Luck with all of your ventures.

Thank you much Cheryl,

I made the first three free thinking within the modeling contract I would add the stipulation of the aftercare kit. In the valley the biggest problem is clients come in for services, love results, go to the next spa and say it didn't last. It's a basic facial and consultation to get to know the skin, then we get aggressive with the next treatment and my follow up is always included. It was supposed to show them use it or lose - use product or lose results. :-)

 Thank you for the food for thought, and if my answers to your first questions give you more insight on my bad marketing techniques let me know, also if you decide to tweak any of these and try them for your business would you let me know what works for you?

Hi Soynia, I agree 100% with Cheryl, we cannot sell ourselves short. People love discounts, so offer them (for example) $10.00 off their first service and $15.00 off their third, and still ask them about charting their progress with pictures. I don't believe that one has anything to do with the other. Also, I was taught to never discount products, only services. Maybe you can offer series, for example, offer five facials for $200, and make the 5th facial free, BUT payment should be collected up front. Does this make sense? Also, I based that amount on $50.00 each as an example only. I'm having to step out of my comfort zone. Although I do not have a personal Facebook page, I've created a business FB page, and I'm offering discounts on all those that ”Liked” us and/or added us as friends. This is a very slow time of year for our profession, but business will grow. Stay encouraged!

Thank you both so much. People ran away from the number $200 or $350 during the packaged deals for the series so I came up with this POORLY constructed model plan. I had no idea about the product thank you for that. 

I thought that by offering two free facials and a follow up while educating on the importance of skincare people would understand it is necessary. One of my clients actually said it, then went back to it being a luxury. I don't want to cheapen our profession

It's kinda of a numbers game as well eventually you will have the people who are serious about you and your services as well as serious about there skincare . Keep on Truckin along  One Client at a time give the best you have, plus some every single time and You will get there just keep getting the word out any way you can without giving yourself away :) You are very valuable Good Luck Hon.

Hi Soynia

I'm trying a membership program now. Because I just opened up in a new location I need to guarantee a certain amount of income. So I'm offering any two services a month for only $49. I'd be broke if I didn't put a cap on how many annual memberships I sold at that rock bottom price, so I'm only selling 10. The next set of annual memberships I'll sell at $75 each. Here is a link to the membership offer. Maybe this might be a good option for you? ;)

Christine, you are another gem, thank you as well. This group is the link of common sense I've been missing.

Happy to help Sonya. So glad I found this group too.

Christina, i was looking at your link you provided here for your membership offer. It looks good and I like how you have a cut off on how many you allow each year. I'm curious ? How has it been going for you so far ? I think I might try to do something like this in the new year. It seems like a good way to have consistency in income each month if done right.


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