I have been using this wax now for a little over a week, yesterday and today was the first day I used it for facial waxing and I have run into some problems (I have always used Berodins Blue for facial waxig BTW and never had any issues ever!)
Ok so my friend came in last night I did a Brazilian which turned out great, than the facial waxing and her face turned so red (nothing has changed for her as far as skin care,meds etc) I had her apply arnica and cortisone last night and today her skin looks horrible! It's red and chaffed in areas the wax was not hot at all and I pulled her skin very taught. Now today I had a new brow wax client I prepped her skin as I always do, tested the wax temp which was perfect, applied the wax, pulled skin taught and boom! She's Welted and Red! She has no contraindications to waxing (meds or skin care) she said she does have skin on the more sensitive side but still I have never had these kinds of reactions happen with Berodins Blue or Ciripel blue! I need advice and trouble shooting for this product Stat!!! Thank you do much!

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What did you use to prep the face before using Coco?

I cleansed the skin with a product by Bikini Kitty that is witch hazel tea tree oil based that I have always used with no issues then I applied a little cornstarch. This is why I am so confused! I do notice that the coco-wax removes the fine facial hair way better than berodins blue however maybe it's too much like soft wax on the face?


I was going to guess and say either witch hazel or alcohol. Which is a BIG no no. Basically you completely removed any and all oil and moisture from the skin and then waxed. Thats like waxing after a sunburn. Berodins blue or cirepil blue both have plastic in them and the reason you remove excess oil in the skin is to make sure the wax adheres to the hair.

Se-Brazil Coco is all-natural and very moisturizing, for already dehydrated skin I use the prep pads or the Calm serum before. If the skin doesnt look dehydrated and is nice a oily I just apply the wax. Have you seen the face wax tutorial on our website where I show you how to apply and remove Coco for face waxing??

Here is the link: http://www.ssmoothskinsupply.com/coco.html

I waxed all day today with Coco and did my own face....it works beautifully!! Try these tips and let us know how you did!


Happy Waxing!


Ok thank you so much!!! I will look into the products you mentioned using since it sounds like I need to change how I prep the skin with this wax. Does Rosie the new Oregon/Washington distributer carry those two products by chance?

Yes Rosies Skin Care Services is our distributor for OR/WA  541-730-6791and has both of those products. I will be in Portland,OR for the waxing class for all of the Se-Brazil wax products on April 2, 2012 and will be showing both hard and soft wax techniques for full body waxing! It would good to see you and you can see the wax in action!

Here is what I suggest:

~Se-Brazil Prep Pads

~Se-Brazil Calm Serum

I would also suggest Se-Brazil Ouch Balm you can use that post waxing for irritated skin, burns or after chemical peels. 100% natural balm with lavendar, comfrey root and other healing herbs! Also great to have for just in case, like the situation you had!!



I actually just ordered the products you suggested from her and I'm going to drive down tomorrow and pick them up from her. Thank you so much for the advice I really appreciate it :)
I would love to go to the class April 2nd however my family and I will be out of town for My daughters Spring Break. Any plans for doing another class this Summer up in this area?

We are going to see how the 4.2.12 class goes...we will probably add another class for the summer not sure on location. You can always join us on facebook Smooth Skin Supply we chat everyday!! Please feel free to email us orders@ssmoothskinsupply.com or call us for any technical questions 877-473-1032!!

Happy Waxing!!


Also, the vellus hair of the face is seated differently than the hair on the rest of the body.   Some waxes are better at removing this hair than others AND when this hair is removed it may cause an allergic reaction to occur such as red itchy skin or hives (welts).  This is called a histamine reaction.  Even if your client never experience it before, if you are using a wax that is better at getting the vellus hairs of the face, this could happen.  If this happens, you can instruct your client to take an antihistamine and treat it as you would an allergic reaction.


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