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Why is wearing GLOVES such an issue?? 10 Replies

I wear gloves for every wax and facial service and really don't understand why we put ourselves at risk of infecting ourselves because we simply choose not to wear gloves. Continue

Started by Stephanie G Laynes. Last reply by Willie Acklin Sep 20, 2020.

Brazilian Waxing DVD: 50% Discount Clearout


Started by Stephanie G Laynes Nov 10, 2015.

What's your favorite wax?? 15 Replies

How many waxes do you use? Are you a soft waxer or hard waxer?Let's chat!!Continue

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Back is killing me! Need advice... 4 Replies

Hi all,Most of the waxing I do is Brazilians & Brows. I'm confident in my technique however, I feel like I might not have my bed adjusted to the right height & almost always experience lower…Continue

Started by Augusta. Last reply by Kirsten Bivens Feb 12, 2015.

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Comment by Willie Acklin on June 20, 2014 at 2:32pm

Thank you. No I don't wear latex gloves. I wear Nitrile gloves.

Comment by Stephanie G Laynes on June 20, 2014 at 2:28pm

I would suggest to him to take a anti-histamine (bendryl) for now. I wouldnt have him stop all products...especially if he doesnt normally put anything on the affected area. Remember we want to get the skin back to a normal state as fast as possible and doing nothing will work a lot faster. Do you wear latex gloves when waxing?? 

Comment by Willie Acklin on June 20, 2014 at 2:24pm

Hi Stephanie,

I was thinking he may be having an allergic reaction too. He has been once before but for brows. I have everyone fill out a waxing consultation and he didn't note any allergies/medications. 

I've heard mix things about tea tree, I mainly use it for brows but had a new container of the dessert essence. Also the Flora Flo Ingrown hair inhibitor which prevents ingrown hairs has never given me a problem before. 

So he should stop using any aloe product? What about the ibuprofen?

It's strange how it affected certain areas and raised the skin. I'm completely baffled by this case. 

Comment by Stephanie G Laynes on June 20, 2014 at 2:03pm

It looks like an allergic reaction to the post care. Was this his first time seeing you? Does he have any allergies that he noted? I would suggest he stop using anything at home and allow the skin to breathe and heal. I never use Tea Tree post wax and I noticed you mentioned an ingrown product if he didnt have any ingrowns?

Comment by Willie Acklin on June 20, 2014 at 1:56pm


Summer is here and that is the time where all of my male clients come out of the woodwork. Back, chest/Ab & Male Brazilian waxes are in full swing.

Yesterday wasn't any different, I had three back waxes, one of which was also a chest/ab wax. 

I use the Amber MD Wax system (Rose wax) which is wax in a tube and a disposable applicator. The heat setting is set hot enough to melt, but not burn and I haven't had any issues with this service until yesterday.

last night I received and email from the client a little concerned about his skin. When he got home last evening, he noticed that there were several spots on his chest that were red. When he asked his fiancee to examine his back, she told him that there were raised red splotches on his back. He attached the photos to this e-mail. "Does this look normal?"

In trying to rule out the culprit, I asked what his activities were after leaving, nothing out of the ordinary or anything that would cause this. He isn't on any medications. Other than being humid here in DC I'm lost. He is using Solarcaine - Cool Aloe Burn Relief Formula and took IBU for inflammation. I checked with him today and not much has changed.

None of the skin was lifted, I really make an effort to pull the skin tight and work spreading the wax with the hair and pulling against. I used a soothing wax remover cloth & sprayed on Flo ingrown hair remover, rubbed it in, then applied dessert essence tea tree ointment. Nothing different from anyone else. I emailed him to check in and it hasn't gotten much better. Not sure what happened. He has had this service three times before me and didn't have an issue. He has brown hair & a red goatee so my first thought was that he was overly sensitive. 

Perhaps someone can help shed some light on this or my techniques. 


Comment by DENISE BARBOSA on June 14, 2014 at 5:44am
I too need better lighting for my room, especially I will be doing spray tanning. I have high hats and that did not work well for waxing, I have just changed the light s to led those are white lights makes the room look good but not enough light. I tried installing a mag light on the wall but this only foucuses on one area. Any suggestions on what I can but. I don't want my room to look Massey. Thanks
Comment by Lisa Hewetson on June 13, 2014 at 11:06pm

My room that I work out of does not have good lighting for waxing.  I currently have one mag lamp which is great for facial waxing.  I am looking to get another lamp for waxing other parts of the body, however I don't want my room to look too crowded.  Therefore I'm thinking of getting a clip-on mag lamp or florescent lamp.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to which works best? 

Comment by Stephanie G Laynes on December 17, 2013 at 3:16pm

Hi Erin!

We have all had a horrible, hairy & scary brazilian wax. I love to wax long hair but many estheticians dont remember that you have to apply the wax to base of the hair and not on will never work.

We have a bootcamp coming up 1.1.14 which is online and we discuss and show brazilian waxing and troubleshooting when it goes bad.

I would not trim myself, but for this same client I would suggest you trying to get her on a regular schedule for every 4-6 weeks.

Visit my youtube channel:

Here is a link to our next bootcamp:

Comment by Erin Shapiro on December 17, 2013 at 2:54pm

I have a new client who came in for a brow and brazilian wax. The brow wax went beautifully but the brazilian was a nightmare.The client has coarse, dense, somewhat long pubic hair and hasn't waxed in years.I didn't have a problem waxing the bikini area but waxing towards the mound and labia were impossible. I use Cirepil Blue and have never had trouble with it before but this time it would just NOT pull the hair out. We live in hot, humid climate and i did have the air conditioning on. I thoroughly cleansed the area, and used powder to absorb any extra oil. She was a trooper and thought it was her fault. I finished the bikini area and she had a meeting to go to and left. I suggested that she trim the remaining hair and is coming back tomorrow so I can finish the job. I need help! I am new to brazilian waxing and have never had a client with such thick, coarse hair before. I obviously do not want to hurt her and I want her to be happy with the service. What can I do? Make the room colder? Should the trim help? Please help!

Comment by Sally Connor on October 23, 2013 at 4:29pm

Hi Stephanie.

I work at a full service salon and day spa. In the spa waxing of all body areas is a large part of what we do, but not the only focus; facials and skin care being equally important to our clientelle. I should just mention that.

Right now we do not offer Brazilians, just a bikini wax listed at one price.

There are not diagrams distinguishing that area of waxing on the website. Because I believe there is a big difference between bikini and almost Brazilian (remember, I am not talking about a Brazilian, i.e. complete hair removal; labia). Even if we did offer Brazilian, there is still the question about how you might handle the wax that is truely between a bikini and Brazilain. Your questions probably helped clarify my question - thanks.


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