A few years ago while in school I got a facial wax and broke out in welp like bumps that lasted about a week . I assumed it was because of the wax used, but have pretty much stayed away from facial waxing since then, with the exception of my lip, brows and occasionally my chin. Today however, I decided to give it a try using the se brazil latte and cocoa wax. Well....It happened again ! i have these bumps all over my cheeks and some near the jaw line. I love the wax , have been using it for several months now and I now believe that I just cannot do facial waxing because my histamine reaction is just too much. Now my question is  " how can I get my skin to smooth out faster than the week it took previously ?" This is not a good look for an esty.I have a few ideas, but would like to know what some of yours are .

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Sandra did you try and take an anti-histamine a day or two before  and after you waxed?? I usually suggest this for people who have a histamine reaction it helps a lot and the reaction time is less.

Stephanie , no I did not even think to use an anti-histamine before the waxing. And now there are no more welps but prickly comedones/ whiteheads all over my cheeks. I just been focusing on trying to get the inflammation down...my face feels like a prickly pear ! yikes!

sound like it's a bit of folliculitis post waxing. I have had one client with this reaction.What worked well for her was soaking a piece of gauze in a solution of cool distilled water with a pinch  of baking soda and applying it over the waxed area for a few minutes to calm it down and help tighten the foliculles up. I repeat this a second time.She has had no further issues with tiny white pustules post waxing.hope this helps

this may not be the same thing but I got really bad acne after the first time I waxed my face.  I now use a 12% lactic acid  about 3 days after waxing.  I leave the acid on for less than a minuet.


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