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I recently had an incident yesterday where a client who had an appointment later on in the day for a Brazillian had gotten her period and wanted to know if she can still have her appointment.  The office manager who took the call informed the client that she would be very uncomfortable because the area tends to be more swollen and uncomfortable, but that the decision was ultimately hers.  We don't have a strict protocol to follow when it comes to this because 90% of the time the clients will cancel on their own.  I personally don't feel comfortable moving around a tampon string to be able to do my job.  It turns out that the esthetician the client was supposed to see wasn't comfortable with the situation either.  Can I have some of your opinions on the matter?  Thanks!


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Still too new at this, so I have not run into that however I don't think I would be uncomfortable, so I would go ahead with it. Since, you are uncomfortable then I think you should refuse.  

It's up to you.  Client's will tend to be more sensitive around and during their period, so for their comfort, they might like to reschedule.  As someone performing the service, it really doesn't matter to me.  As long as they are wearing a tampon I'm fine with it. You can easily tuck the string inside and out of your way.   If they don't wear tampons that would be a deal breaker for me.  As you said, most client's will cancel on their own at that time of the month.  If you are uncomfortable with it, then simply make it your policy that they reschedule during this time due to the fact that it can be more uncomfortable for them, don't let them know that you are uncomfortable with it.   Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice Crickett.  I guess I'm just so worried I'm going to accidentally pull out the string, or that the client will be so uncomfortable they won't want to come back... would you have a general "no" rule for first time clients in this situation?

I recently started doing Brazillians after many years in the business. I have gained more confidence since I purchased the Brazillian Video from Crickett! You should get it!! Yes tampon wearing is even covered. Im glad I had the information found there because Just this week a client scheduled for this service came in and said she would have to drop down to a bikini wax only because she was just started her cycle. I asked if she was wearing a tampon to which she replyed yes. I told her if she was ok with it I was too since I always wear gloves and never double dip! She was very happy to undergo the brazillian as planned and received a beautiful result as well! Thanx  Crickett!

I should say "thanx" to Stephanie too!

LOL...your welcome Andrea!! We were glad to show "period & tampon" waxing on the dvd as well. Beth if you havent had a chance to purchase our DVD we would suggest you do! I waxed a client on the dvd during her period with the tampon in and can see everything and our suggestions on how to handle if you get wax on the string, etc. My rule is I dont want to see any blood and I always allow time for the client to clean themselves prior if needed as well. Happy Waxing!! ~Stephanie

Thanks Andrea :) so glad you found the information helpful. And thanks for the recommendation :)

Beth, if you are apprehensive about performing a Brazilian while the client is on their cycle, they will feel it, so do what makes you feel comfortable and your client will feel comfortable too.  Hope that makes sense.


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