Did you know that Brazilian waxing is the fastest and most popular service right now in our industry?? Have you seen our video? http://www.ssmoothskinsupply.com/7brwaxtu.html

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Hi Stephanie,

Can you tell me the price for your dvd of 7 min Brazilian waxing? Also, do you use hard wax such as Berodin in the video?

The price is $49.95 until October 1st when we launch the 2nd edition and the price will increase to $69.95

I use a soft wax for the entire brazilian wax.

I am just wondering why you use soft wax over hard for brazilians. In the class i took they only used hard. I am afraid to use soft wax in that area as i am afraid to pull skin and not be able to keep the skin taut. I am cinsidering ordering this video if i can do a brazilian in 10 to 15the minutes i would be happy!
I truly believe that soft wax as gotten a bad rap from many beauty schools. Using a wax that acts like a hard wax is the reason why I use a soft wax for my brazilian.


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