Hello all! I have a female client who has facial hair under her chin as does a male and she shaves but is thinking about waxing the area.  Do you think it would be ok for me to hard/soft wax her "beard" as she refers to it, or is their something I should take into consideration before going forward with the service!?!?

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Heeeey Miss Cim...

I have a few questions for you...

1.How long has she been shaving and how often?

2. Does she hyperpigment with shaving?

3. Why waxing now?


The one thing you have to keep in mind when a face shaver comes for waxing, they typically can't wait or get through the "grow out" phase.



Hey Ms. Stephanie thank you for your reponse! She has been shaving for over 10 years now and YES she does have hyperpigmentation related to the shaving.  The skin in that entire bottom section of her face  is much darker/thicker/more rough. I inquired as to if she has ever tried the waxing method before & she said no because her mother use to and the area would end up raw; so I don't blame her. With your guidance I'm hoping I am able to assist her to some degree.  She is very self contious about this.

So I assume she shaves daily right? Which means that she would not be a good wax candidate. Maybe she would be open to electroylsis or yag-laser hair removal. You might want to start or suggest treating her for they hp.




Hi Cimberly,

Yeah, it's really difficult to get a chin/face shaver to switch over to waxing because they HAVE to let the hair grow out each time.  Another option you could consider is sugaring.  The traditional sugar paste is great for facial hair and can get the hairs at 1/16".  At the start, she would probably need to come in a couple of times a week to get the hairs coming in at the same growth phase so that she would stay smoother longer in between.  The great thing about sugar is that it removes only the dead skin cells, so she would get a nice exfoliation as well, which would lessen that hyperpigmentation.  Alexandria sugaring is great to try.

Other than that I agree with Steph, Electrolysis or Laser.

Good luck

I always talk to my clients about hormones and how they relate to hair growth. I suggest she talk to her doctor to see where her hormones are off.


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