I need some tips for hard waxing....I have always used soft-cream or honey wax & was trained to do so, but I have learned that hard waxing is best for brazilians (and corse hair). I do alot of brazilians & I want it to be a clean feel after waxing, I feel that hard wax does the job more efficiently (or what I have read & heard).....please help me learn more about it :) 

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Check out my tutorials at www.thewaxchick.com 

HI Iris,

Crickett has some great basic hard wax tutorials. I am soft waxer for brazilians by choice and just use hard wax on the labia area. All of my soft waxes acts like a hard wax and only adhere to hair and our hard waxes are awesome at grabing short stubborn hair.

Check out our website www.ssmoothskinsupply.com for FREE video tutorials on our website and all of the Se-Brazil waxes as well!

Happy Waxing!!



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