I had a lady today getting her underarms waxed. She is concerned with the darkness that is coming under her arms from waxing and even shaving. Is there anything that can be done with this I have heard of it But haven't had any experience with it . Can you use a product to lighten the skin there? Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks All

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Is she a new client to you or have you been waxing her for some time?   There are several things to look at with hyperpigmentation in general. 

1. What is her skin type?  The higher the Fitz (3 and up) the more prone they are to hyperpigmentation

2. What type of wax is or was being used in this area?  If she is of a higher Fitz type it's best to use a hard wax in the more sensitive areas to help prevent Hyperpigmentation.  Soft wax sticks to both skin and hair and can cause more irritation leading to more hyperpigmentation.

3. Does she get ingrown hair in this area?  The hair can be courser in this area and can result in ingrowns which can also cause hyperpigmentation.  If she does suffer from ingrowns, getting her on a product to help eliviate them will also cut down on new hyperpigmentation.

4. Is she heavy set?  Though waxing may be a contributing factor, if she is heavy set, or if the underarm area gets any type of friction, that can also be a contributing factor for hyperpigmentation in the area.

What can you do to lessen HP in this area?

1. If you are currently using a soft wax, I would rec switching to a hard wax in the area to prevent further irritation.

2. If the client has problems with ingrowns, rec a home care plan to treat them

3. If there is friction in the area, there really isn't much you can do, but suggest that they use a powder to keep the area drier so that the skin doesn't rub together.

4. The client can use gentle mechanical exfoliation (loopha, scub etc) to lessen the discoloration at home. It takes time, and patience to lighten discoloration.  Not sure I would rec any type of chemical lightener in the underarm area

Hope this is helpful

Thanks Crikett, She is a new client to me. also she is a higher Fitz, so I know that can be part of the problem, but was not sure as to why exactly. No ingrowns and was using a gentle soft wax I will try hard next time and see if it will get all the hairs and let her know about the exfoliating more for the pigmentation issue. Appreciate the time to answer my ? :)

Hi Crickett, Just wondering what products you recommend to treat ingrowns or preventing them. I know exfoliating is a good way to prevent them, any  topical products good for this I just did a Bikini wax first time I had her she usually goes to another esti she had alot of ingrowns and some had a cystic look to them, she said they are healing up. I said to go to a doctor and try to get them removed She didnt seem to be bothered by them and has had them she said for quite awhile. and is prone to them Yikes 


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