Hi, I'm new to this group. I'm looking to use a roll on wax for legs and bikini (not Brazillian).

Can anyone reccomend a couple good ones? I'm thinking I'll just need 2 heaters, correct?

Please resond. I'm counting on my fellow waxers:)

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I would recommend that you don't use a roll on wax at all! Very unsanitary and very tough to clean which just adds to the unsanitary list- pot wax is the way to go- no double dipping and keep ur pots clean if you don't do high volume of waxing then u can get a double warmer 1can of soft and 1 can of hard wax. I personally love cirepil blue hard wax or satin smooth titanium blue thin film hard wax and  for soft wax clean'n'easy  sensitive pot wax or cirepil necre blanc


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