i have a question about wax sticks

i keep seeing these really big wax sticks  9.5"L x 1.5"W (handle), 1.75"W (spatula)

they say there are re-useable?

how can u reuse it? with out double dipping?

and how would u clean it?

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If they are the plastic spatula's you can reuse them without double-dipping. You need multiple spatulas then as you use them (ONCE) you put them in a waxing cleaning solution (pretty toxic stuff) to remove the wax and then disinfect them when you are done with your service. 

the ones im seeing are wood.. but i will look for plastic ones.. thank you your info is really helpful

Hey stranger!
I was looking into the plastic ones, my initial thought had been that you could heat them and melt the wax off, and then use a cleaning solution/disinfectant...
Glad you asked this question....I was unaware of a solution specifically for this.

allynne i think im also going to try the plastic ones as well..

Its impossible to justify all the "waste" that is for sure...

I use a product called Citri-Solv (totally organic citrus oil that dissolves even the stickiest of wax and it smells great) I fill a large flower vase up with the citri-solv and while waxing (legs, backs,chests mainly) I use one spatula and toss it in the vase. By the time I'm finished the wax has been dissolved and I can then wash the spatulas and throw in the disinfectant. Super easy and without chemical solvants
Thanks for the recommendation, sounds like a great product!

Where can you get the Citri-Solv?  Thanks so much!

Where does one find these plastic spatulas?
Eva's Estehetics has them at evasesthetics.com

That is where I purchased mine and they are great!

Yes, buy them here-I bought some at a show she was at but the companiy she was working for sold something else and they melted in the cleaner! Lori replaced them all and dealt with the company as they would not return by emails after the first I when I had to email a pic. I use Solve's All-goo gone is good too, have not tried the citrus one mentioned above.


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