Yesterday a returning client came in for a Brazilian, her last one I did back in September with NO problems or complaints.

As soon as I make my first strip with hard wax she is hurting. The whole process was a NIGHTMARE every strip hurt. This client is tough, she's a US Marine for 13 years. In her previous appointments just laid there took it like a champ, never complained.

We go back over her health history and she is like the only thing I am doing different is taking Thermogenics (Hydroxycut) and drinking Guarana Tea to help burn fat for her annual physical. She is on birth control and hasn't had a period in 3 years, so can couldn't determine if the increase on pain was due to her cycle.

Has anyone ever come across a situation like this? Granted I'm still green and only have about 30 brazilians under my belt but have NEVER had an issue like this. I am trying to do some more research regarding the increase body heat from the supplements would increase blood flow down there causing an increase of pain.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I have never heard of anything like this before. I would be curious about having a period 3 years ago though...

Did you prep her like normal? Was she bruised or bleeding? I wonder if the Hydroxycut is effecting her nervous system, did you research this online?

She has an IUD which is very common not to have a period (I have the same one and do not have any either).

All normal prepping, no bruising at all, a new spots of blood but nothing more than normal.

Since hydroxcut is a thermogenic it increases your core temp to help burn fat quicker. I am assuming at this point the increase of temp increases the blood flow. The guarana is like pure caffeine so that is increases blood flow as well.

I plan to do more research to see if anyone else has come across this situation.
Diet pills both OTC and Rx can cause damage to blood vessels so theoretically if she was suffering from weakened blood vessels due to her diet pill usage that could cause more pain than usual if those blood vessels were breaking during waxing treatments.


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