How many waxes do you use? Are you a soft waxer or hard waxer?

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Wow surprised no one replied to this, I've used Berodin blue hard wax for many years now on the face, underarms, bikini/brazilian, and back waxing for men. Hate the strings that come with it which get everywhere but still a good wax! I just got introduced to Hairaway Brazilian blue wax this year and love how FAST it sets for doing brazilians and it's not stringy. I am trying to decide which one I like better to use for doing brazilians. I never hear anyone talking about Hairaway and it's not even on your smooth skin supply website.. so I would love to know your opinion about this wax? Or if anyone has their own experience with it please share!

I've been using the Hairaway creamy sensitive wax for cleaning up strays when doing a brazilian. For larger areas of the body, I use Lycon strip waxes.

Hi Ally, 

I ordered the Brazilian Blue wax from their website as below:

I haven't tried it enough for face waxing to know if it's effective..Do you find that it doesn't pull all the hair out on the face? Wondering why you think it doesn't work well. I definitely love it for brazilians too! 

UPDATE: I am now switching over to The Wax Chick's Pina colada hard wax for brazilians, removes peach fuzz on the face, no more reapplying on the brows for those annoying little strays..fabulous non polymer biodegradable wax for grabbing hairs much better than the usual blue and really is a low temp wax! For Body waxing, legs, arms, etc I am now using Seven strip wax and Latte by Wax Diva Stephanie laynes. LOVE both and their education/ support is top notch and amazing! :)

Does anyone like / hate the honey all purpose resin type wax? I hate this wax, it's very sticky, the lips / skin moves along with the cloth strips as I pull. If you had to chose just ONE wax to work with for everything EXCEPT brazillians - which would you chose? I like the cream wax much more, it's easy on the face, easy to use, not crazy sticky. It sticks to the knees like crazy, and pulls the lips. What's your experience with resin waxes? Does the wax companies have classes for the business accounts?

I just found this discussion and what a bummer there are still  not more replies!

I have been pouring through search results trying to help narrow down which brand of wax I might like to use...and maybe putting all I've read/heard where others can give feedback might be a good place to start the process. Thank you Stephanie for starting this thread!

My school taught with Cirepil soft and hard - Never really had strong feelings about the waxes, good or bad. Although I must say the prep products were not my favorite, it seemed that most students strayed from using the related products and went to tea tree and powder as prep and post care, and had better results.

When it came time to learn techniques they showed us videos with Berodin waxes, and it looked amazing.
From what I've read from other discussions it seems like the hard wax is a well loved product...but what about the cream? (I really loved the idea that you could apply the wax on the whole area and then just go back and *rip! rip! rip!*)

A former classmate suggested I try the SatinSmooth - especially the hard, but after doing so much reading on here, it seems to get very mixed reviews...? And as a result I am shying away from that advice.

Initially I purchased Gigi hard and soft, along with their pots, as a jumping off point. Mostly because it was cheap and easy to find...not usually a good reason to buy a product I know...

So far I loathe the stuff. The hard never seems to set, and the pot runs far too hot, even at its lowest setting.

I was so dismayed I haven't even tried the soft wax yet. 
Definitely time to upgrade!

Well that's my two-cents worth of rambling, I'd love to hear what others think.
I spend hours reading discussions and appreciate the amazing insight and support that is offered up. The feedback and kindness is so nice!

Thanks again!

I started out using Satin Smooth-all kinds as that's what I used in school mostly-we had all they offered and a few other brands to use as well, I just found for me SS didn't hold up over time-and ended up bringing it home and using it on myself. I don't have alot of space so I needed to pare down to 1 each-all purpose. I also melt the Ease to put in the rollers for larger areas, but I don't keep it headed or the ease in the pot  I barely warm till I have an appoint. Mostly doing brows and brazilians (but still do more massage-being out of esty school 2 years). Took classes from other companies -SS, Depelieve(sp?) and then the Wax Queen and after the hands on classes I was very impressed with the Berodin's blue hard beads and Ease(soft). So I've stayed with them. It is more expensive but the results are much better and it doesn't break down over time.  I think Wax chick and Stephanie Layne's would be great as well. I may try them when I run out just to see.

hope this isn't too rambly!

I currently use Depelieve (azulene) soft wax and I love it!  I haven't tried their hard wax have you?  Where did you attend the Depelieve training?  I would love to go to one, but I can't ever find much information about this company.  I've heard great things about the Berodin's wax too!  Maybe one day I will try it.   

I went ahead and got Berodin's...It really is all that everyone says.
the company has been great as well

Depelieve class was taught in Austin, TX 2 years ago at Armstrong McCall show. I bought the Brazilan kit, hard wax w/warmer.

Ahh nice!  

Morning, i use Adam and Eve

hot wax beads for facial waxing" lime and coconut" as is gentle. Chocolate hot wax for braz, underarms.

 than i use Strip wax  for legs and arms

I use Lycon. LOVE it. I use their Rosette hard wax & their White Strip wax. My clients love the low temp/low pain when I use the Rosette (the only wax I use for Brazilians).

I'm also a fan of Mancine olive oil strip wax for large areas.


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