I wear gloves for every wax and facial service and really don't understand why we put ourselves at risk of infecting ourselves because we simply choose not to wear gloves.


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I wear gloves during all waxing services, but never during facials. If a person has open sores I won't do the facial. I do wear finger cots during extractions. I'm not very agressive during extractions only using slight pressure after a good enzyme and steam. I don't use lancets. I feel the client should go to a dermatologist rather than an esty for serious extractions. Other than that, I would not wear gloves during a facial. You are the first esty that I have heard that wears gloves during facials.

I so agree with you there Steph.  Gloves are protection for our client's as well as ourselves.  As we know, client's are always up front about what they have or don't have that might or might not be transferable.  I often hear, "I never wear gloves for facial waxing", like facial waxing is insignificant and there is no reason to wear gloves.  It's always important no matter the area you are working on to wear gloves, period.  Once you start wearing gloves you get used to it and it becomes second nature.  When you wear the proper glove for your hands, one that fits, your client's will never even know you are wearing them.  AND you can still feel the skin through them, so that's no excuse.  Be smart people, just wear the gloves.

I understand this for a medical esthetician, but in a relaxing day spa setting? Isn't it like your massage therapist wearing gloves to give you a massage? Do you use them when you give an arm and hand massage? Wouldn't they pull the hair behind the neck and pull the hair during a scalp massage? These are all standard in the euro that I do on my clients. I don't feel gloves would make this a relaxing experience.


Hey Patience, yes you have a point when offering the euro treatments with massage.   As long as you have enough slip on the skin your gloves will/should glide over the skin and through the hair if you chose to use them during the massage. Also, in the euro type treatments, the massage typically comes at the end of the "treatment" portion, so you can remove your gloves by them anyway.  I haven't done the euro type treatments in years, I offer more clinical treatments so gloves aren't as issue. 

Can anyone recommend gloves that fit tightand that you can feel the skin through. I like gloves for the protection but can t seem to find any that i can feel the skin through.

Nitrile or Synthetic.  They are both excellent choices.  They fit as snugly as latex and you can still feel the skin through them.

I wear gloves for ALL waxing from the neck down and I use Vinyl gloves because the wax doesn't stick to the vinyl as much as nitrile. I do however wear nitrile gloves for facials during extractions or when a client has a severe case of pustule acne and in that case they don't get a facial massage anyway. Before I went solo I worked with a few people who didn't even wear gloves for Brazilians!! Needless to say I was horrified and didn't work there too long (they double dipped also!)

I wear gloves during every service. I started doing this by habit in school. In my opinion they are just as significant as a pair of gloves to a medical professional. Gloves do not take away from the facial experience anymore than the condom takes away from an intimate experience. It is the type, and quality of the glove that makes all the difference. Most clients are not offended by your choice to wear gloves. It actually sets you apart as one of the few who places sanitation and safety first. In our business clean and professional are always virtues.

@Summerr, I wear the Medline AloeTouch gloves and I LOVE them. Stephanie offers them at Smooth Skin Supply. They are durable, easy to wear and my clients don't even notice. I use them for everything. I say the catchy phrase- 'no lovey without the glovey.'

I totally agree. Right now through the pandemic, I'm wearing a new set with every client. Before, I wasn't wearing them for brow services but for everything else. My only issue now is that I'm having an extremely hard time finding any Nitrile gloves at a reasonable price. Right now a case is going for $190 and that's only for 500 (1000 gloves).


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