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Why You Should Consider Adding Sugaring to Your Spa Menu

Hi everyone, 

I noticed that this topic hasn't been discussed in a while, so I wanted to bring it up again. Have all the waxers out there considered offering sugaring to your clients?

I have found there to be many benefits to sugaring, both for clients and for myself. 

Clients love sugaring because:

1. It is all-natural. The sugaring paste consists of only lemon juice, sugar, and water. That is all. 

2. It is more gentle. When clients are…


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Prepare Your Skin on Time: Hair Removal Tips

As soon as the summer starts approaching, every woman begins to think about removing all that annoying hair from her body in order to be ready when the time for wearing a bikini comes. However, it turns out that many of us don’t do this properly, so, we’ve decided to help you a bit and prepare a list of some very useful advice on how to prepare your skin on time.…


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What do Skin Specialists say about Fake Tans for a Suntan?

A majority of the women search for their ideal cosmetic products from cosmetic shops, supermarkets, malls or in clinics. What is mostly followed is what they want to treat. For example, if a woman wants to get rid of the acne scars and get a better skin appearance, she will just go and ask for the best cosmetic product that will deliver what she wants. When a woman knows the kind of cosmetic product she requires, she will just utter the name and the product is given to her.



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How To Be The Best Hair Dresser?

When it comes to hair styling and dressing, a hair dresser has to be creative enough to make his or her signature vogue and trend. It is indeed an explicit ability and can't be non heritable simply. It requires years to apply hair styling if someone wants to get good in this particular field . This line of work involves the critical task of cutting, dressing and styling of both girls and men's hair. Stylists form and style designs that are meant to boost the facial appearances of their…


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Body Sugaring with Sugar of the Nile

For more information on Sugar of the Nile, visit

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Knicker Stickers for bikini waxing clients!!

Ingrown hairs around the bikini area as most of us know are caused by incorrect waxing, shaving and irritation/rubbing that clothing or our underwear can cause.   There are many more factors, but I would love to share with you a secret solution (not that it will be a secret anymore!) that I highly recommend for you to retail in your salon and to also use as a take home pressie for your first time clients that might be susceptible to getting ingrown hairs. This company…


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