Knicker Stickers for bikini waxing clients!!

Ingrown hairs around the bikini area as most of us know are caused by incorrect waxing, shaving and irritation/rubbing that clothing or our underwear can cause.   There are many more factors, but I would love to share with you a secret solution (not that it will be a secret anymore!) that I highly recommend for you to retail in your salon and to also use as a take home pressie for your first time clients that might be susceptible to getting ingrown hairs. This company is based in the U.S and has a fantastic solution that I love to use myself after a wax and find that clients enjoy wearing them also. 

They are called “Knicker Stickers”. They are packaged nicely and are hygienically made from 100% breathable cotton and made in the U.S!  They come in two different colors, beige and black. They basically stick into your trousers like a panty liner but without the feeling of wearing a nappy or a pair of old ladies incontinence knickers. Wearing them in your trousers without your knickers on will leave you feeling foot loose and fancy free, without any tight underwear chaffing along your bikini line.  At $7.95 for a pack of seven, I think that is a pretty good deal to either give one away to first time waxing clients or to retail the whole pack of seven, so that she can wear one each day for a week! Their original purpose is to wear them for preventing panty lines, travelling and the whale tail.

After realizing that it actually worked for ingrown hair prevention, I put a whole new spin on them for myself!  Does your competition offer this freebie to first time clients?  I bet they don’t! 

Please, inform the client that you are sending them home with a “knicker sticker” simply for the reason that it helps reduce the possibility of getting ingrown hairs.

Stating this fact will make you sell more of them, especially when clients understand that it is a benefit to them and not because you are a sloppy waxer that has left big globs of wax in her Lady Garden!

After all,  doesn't she want to be bikini ready....summer IS getting closer!

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