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Up in Smoke - My Personal Thoughts

I just left the hospital after visiting my father, and although I am not in the habit of talking about personal issues on a public discussion forum, I felt compelled to share some thoughts with you all.

Most of you on are estheticians, and I trust that you know and care how damaging smoking cigarettes can be to the skin. Some of you who have built a close relationship with a client who smokes will, most likely, gently let that client know that smoking…


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Thank you, Mom!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s likely that quite a few of us will either be spending time with our mother, or will be thinking about a memory from the past involving her. I just want to share one very important lesson I learned from my mother, although it was much later in life that I actually appreciated it!

My mother was a very fair-skinned Swede, and although she enjoyed the great outdoors, she usually headed for the nearest shade tree when possible. She also wore…


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Wow! I can't believe it's been a year!


Or actually just a little more than a year! Time DOES fly when you’re busy and having fun! When we started this online community in January 2011, of course we hoped it would be popular and useful to esties from all over the country, but it is still so exciting to see more than 3,000 people enjoying the forum. And even some from outside the USA.


I love to see all the great discussions, questions, answers, and the other ways you are helping each other succeed, and the…


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Meet me on the wild side ...

It's a jungle out there. That's why we at Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) started talking about a place online for all things skin care nearly a year ago. Facebook is all-pervasive these days, but how to sort out all the friends, family, fans, and college roommates from your professional life? We… Continue

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