This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s likely that quite a few of us will either be spending time with our mother, or will be thinking about a memory from the past involving her. I just want to share one very important lesson I learned from my mother, although it was much later in life that I actually appreciated it!

My mother was a very fair-skinned Swede, and although she enjoyed the great outdoors, she usually headed for the nearest shade tree when possible. She also wore long-sleeved cotton blouses, the occasional hat, and pedal pushers! (Remember those?) This was years ago, before sunscreen became a part of everyday life for most of us. I was just the opposite! A total sun worshipper, using the infamous baby oil and silver reflecting blanket, I would torture my poor (also fair) skin every chance I could! Even though my mother warned me that it wasn’t good to bake in the sun, hey, don’t you know everything when you’re 16?

And you know what? Today, at 84, my mother has such soft skin, with fewer wrinkles than most 60 year olds! Her skin is still beautiful. And me? Once I turned 40, it seems every day I notice a new age spot somewhere on my face, arms or legs. Although I’m making progress since I’ve been religiously using sunscreen and staying out of the sun, my skin will never be as soft and smooth as my mother’s. Too bad I didn’t listen to her! So, thanks, Mom, for trying, and I hope your Mother’s Day is as beautiful as your skin!

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Comment by ASCP on May 15, 2012 at 10:13am

Hi Denise,

Oh my, your poor mother really learned the hard way! Spending a week in bed from heatstroke would do it for even the most devout sun worshipper. Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day with her ... in the shade somewhere!


Comment by Denise Ivers on May 12, 2012 at 9:47pm

Hi Jesse!

I share a very similar past.  My mother is Spanish with milky white skin and blue eyes and has always warned me about the sun and it's harmful effects.  One memory I have after reading your post is when I was about 6 yrs old my parents went to Mexico for vacation.  My mom who really hated the beach and sun, went to please my dad.  She came back as red as a lobster and spent 1 week in bed from heatstroke and a horrible sunburn! After that incident she never shared beach days with us but even at that young age I understood why mom wasn't there.  I too spent way too much time in the sun but now I live and breath to share with anyone I'm able to the importance of sunscreen. Have a wonderful weekend!


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