10 Extremely Easy Denim Hacks for You

Every modern woman wants to look splendid and elegant in a new, branded and elegant pair of jeans. No matter how old women grow, they always look stylish in a well-fitting pair of denim jeans. The fact that we have to move with the latest fashion trend, we don’t have to purchase every new fashion of jeans that comes and goes. Neither do we have to dump or give away those old college jeans. Jeans are versatile and comfortable to wear. They never lose their taste for fashion. This makes us yearn to wear more of them. Truth be told, all those old jeans can be hacked to suite the latest fashion trends. There are so many amazing denim hacks ideas at the comfort of our houses or by making a visit to the local tailor. To achieve that cool, stylish and comfortable look, the following tips can be adopted by every woman.

1. Add patches

Patches can be added depending on individuals’ personal style. Patches are different from stickers in that they portray positive messages. One can select patches with positive messages, slogans or with logos of your favorite brand. For a more subtle look, there is a variety of patterns to choose from such as dinosaurs, floral patterns, etc. This is one of the unique ways to denim hacks your pair of jeans

2. Trick for tighter jeans

Any woman looking for that fitting jeans can try this method. Using hot water, machine wash the jeans and finally machine dry it using the maximum heat. The result will be tighter jeans that will perfectly fit your slender legs.

3. Use of gems when wearing your denim with flats or heels

Regardless of how long a pair of denim is, a woman can use gems when wearing her favorite pair of denim with her flats or heels. Fold the jeans and then put the gems to the hem. To achieve that original look, you can tuck the cuffs inside or up the hem.

4. Using ice cubes to remove denim wrinkles

This is another amazing way of hacking a creased pair of jeans. Using some ice cubes, toss your wrinkled pair of denim and set the drier to the maximum heat. The steam will gently remove the creases from your pair of denim.

5. Protect the dark colors of your denim with vinegar

Many women prefer dark denim. Therefore, special attention when washing them should be taken. Use ½ cup of vinegar in a basin of water when washing the jeans. Vinegar prevents the denim from fading. Besides, it softens the jeans for a more comfortable feel.

6. Loosening your jeans

If the denim is tight and uncomfortable, you can air dry it and use your hands to stretch its waistband. A hair drier may be used to achieve more accurate and desired result.

7. To remove bad odor

The original feel of the jeans can easily be maintained. Simply, fold and put the jeans in a Ziploc bag, freeze it overnight. You will be surprised that the bad odor will have vanished in the morning. This makes the denim to look spanking new.

8. Use of baking soda to remove stains

Baking soda can be used to rescue your favorite pair of denim by removing tough stains and bad odor. Apply baking powder directly on the stain for 10-20 minutes, observe and see the magic.

9. Paint your jeans

This requires a lot of attention and courage. You do not have to be a qualified artist to be an expert in this. Creativity and the right materials are the keys. You can paint your skinny jeans using various patterns such as polka dots, tribal prints or color block patterns. This breaks the monotony of having a plain pair of jeans.
10. Use of salt and water to protect the jeans from bleeding
In many circumstances, when we wash our new pair of jeans, our hands turn blue. Simply add a small amount of salt in a basin of water, Wash your denim as usual. This eventually fixes the dye of the denim and prevents fading.


There has been a false belief that denim fabric cannot be altered. In fact, many people believe that the way we buy a pair of jeans or denim jacket, it cannot be fixed into a different style if something wrong happens. Truth be told, a pair of denim trouser can easily be manipulated into a different style with ease and at a pocket-friendly cost to suit any trending style.

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