5 Beauty Lessons That Rule Every Runway

If you want to learn from the best, learn from the Fashion Week stylists and makeup artists. When you need to style a group of runway models and your time is measured in minutes, then sometimes you need to cut corners. That’s how many beauty hacks are born, right then and there on the spot, and the rest is history. They usually find their way into the real world of everyday use. Here’s what we have learned this year during fashion week.

Tame your eyebrows


Brow gel, whether transparent or tinted, is great, but should you ever find yourself lacking a product in question, use the next trick. Just find a toothbrush that you don’t use, spritz it with some hairspray and brush your eyebrows with it to tame any defiant hairs. This way, you’ll have a more natural look and they’ll stay in place for as long as you need.


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Thin Hair Solutions


Instead of stacking up with hairsprays and other volumizing products, try this trick. If you’re wearing a side part, switch it on to the other side of your head. When you’re parting your hair at the same side for longer period of time it will get used to it, and it will flatten where the parting is. When you shift sides, the hair will struggle and it will appear to be uplifted at the roots. If you really want to seal the new part, wet that part of your hair and blow dry it closely at the roots. Finish with a fixing spray.


Shine bright


If you want to achieve that healthy glow on your cheekbones, instead of buying numerous fairy dust glittery highlighters, use this backstage trick. Don’t buy expensive highlighter, but rather invest in high quality skin care products, such as something from the Alpha H skincare series, to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Then apply a subtle shade of highlighter, almost skin tone like. You can even mix liquid highlighters with your moisturizer for a more of a glisten. Any product you put on your face will blend better if your skin is properly moisturized. If you’re not a highlighter fan, but still enjoy a bit of sparkle on the face, swipe a hint of a lip balm to your cheekbones, it will give you a seamless glow.


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Nail polish pro


Did you know that you can mix two different nail polishes and get a new color? And not in a mixing bowl, but right on the spot, on your nails? This was done at the backstage of Kate Spade. First, you apply a darker shade, and when it’s dry you a add another, brighter tone of that shade, and you can switch this process if you want to make a specific shade lighter. This way, you can produce unique shades of given nail polish color. Feel free to experiment. Just make sure that your first coat is completely dry before you apply the second shade, otherwise it won’t blend as well.


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Mattify your lipstick


How great would it be if you could transform every lipstick you have to matte? Here’s what you need to do. An interesting twist on applying loose powder to mattify your cream lipstick is to apply a blush! And it makes so much more sense! Powder will leave white residue on your lips and then you have to apply another coat of lipstick which won’t get you velvety finish. Blush is better way to go because that’s the last step of the process. Simply dust your mouth with favorite blush and you’re ready!


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