Make-up Trends for Fall/Winter 2016-2017

With the New York fashion week behind us, it’s time to revise all the fabulous make-up trends that we’ve had the chance to see on the runways. From bold lips, through glittery details and all the way to no make-up makeup, the fall/winter trends for the upcoming season are going to take your breath away. It’ll take a lot of courage to pull some of them off, but they’ll definitely look amazing in the colder season.

Smoky Eyes

It seems as if the smoky eyes never get out of style. However, this season introduced a bit darker and heavier smoky eye trend. What’s more, not only will you be able to do the smokey eye with black and grey, but with darker shades of brown as well. This season is definitely all about experimenting with colours and adding a touch of your own style to it.

Red Lips

A timeless trend we all love and embrace is a red sophisticated lipstick. Thanks to the new trends, now you have the opportunity to choose between matte, glossy, creamy and the mixture of these for your perfect lipstick. A combination of matte and creamy classic red lipstick will be a great choice. If you have a problem to keep a lipstick inside the lip lines, feel free to use a lip liner first, and keep the lipstick in place.

Eyeliner Revolution

This season’s make-up is really focused on emphasizing the eyes. Therefore, eyeliner will be one of the dominant products we’ll love. Whether you choose a simple, sophisticated line on the lash border of the eyelid, or you opt for a full coverage, your eyes will definitely be noticed this fall. If you like to play with colours, go for bright and radiant hues, like blue or green, and create an interesting make-up style.

No make-up makeup

A previous couple of seasons have really embraced the au naturel visage. Soft and delicate tones, like peach or rosy blush, alongside a touch of mascara and a lip gloss have been all you needed for an everyday make-up. Forget about, contouring and shading, and choose as less make up as possible. Let the cold winter breeze give you naturally blushed cheeks.

Gothic Lips

Autumn is all about darker and warmer tones. When it comes to lips, shades, like brown, burgundy and mauve, are definitely the most popular. However, this season, red tones have gone a bit further, and besides burgundy, a new trend includes shades that are closer to black. A combination of gothic and vamp is taking over. If you like this trend, buy quality makeup online, and start to create the ultimate fall and winter look. One of the best recommendations is Napoleon Perdis cosmetics. Their Dévine Goddess lipsticks are enriched with herbal extracts and antioxidants, so your lips will be healthy and beautiful.


Fall and winter 2016/2017 are going to be sparkly. Glitters are showing up everywhere. From creamy eye shadows, to face paint and even lipsticks, you’ll definitely sparkle this fall. For a subtle touch of glitter, go for an eyeliner that has a small amount of glitters in its formula.

Natural Brows

Natural brows are coming back. According to what we’ve had the chance to see on the runways, the bushier the brows, the better. However, with all the gorgeous brow make-up that’s been popular for some time, we’ll still see some of the girls rocking the perfectly angled brows, despite the current trend.


From classic red lips, a gothic vamp look, through glittery make-up and all the way to natural brows, this season is nothing if not versatile when it comes to make-up trends. Be bold, creative, experiment with colours, shades and create your own unique look using the current trends.

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Comment by Emma on December 30, 2016 at 12:37am

Hey, Michele. I totally agree with you. Thanks for reading.

Comment by Michele Lynn on December 29, 2016 at 12:48pm

I'm a big fan of the "no makeup" makeup look.  I dig some of the trends, but I favor a timeless, classic look.

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