Please remember Girls cheapest price is not always as good - you always pay for what you get - that is the same every where - there are no free Lunches - except for a promotion :)

So when you select products make sure first and foremost - it does what is says it does and it will fit your needs. That is why you should always just order a sample or small order and test the product. Second do not listen to much to what another person says about the product or service. That persons needs and likes very likely are not the same as yours -

Third, always call and set up a rapport with the vendor find out what their motivation was for creating the product. The product name may not give the full story - example the Collagen premoistened mask there are literally hundreds on the market each is different and each is made with different ingredients and gives slightly different  results.

So ask questions - I have been in an Esthetician for over 40 years and have some clients for 20 years their children and grandchildren. I have my own wholesale business and select and create products and give input to equipment manufacturers.

Would you think I now what I am talking about ;)

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