As we all know if we do not learn and present our clients with new things they will leave and go to the next - often in the skin care business we see a great application or product - we purchase it and use our clients to practice on (don't feel bad every body does it even the Doctors why do you think it is called the practice)

but I have found that not to be the best way - I have spend tons of Dollars to get educated in Thailand (Thai Massage and natural health certificate, China Amma Massage and Acupressure certification, plus many degrees in the US for natural health and Homeopathy Diploma) and yes I am a licensed Este.

But we need to learn learn learn - to be successful and give our clients always the latest in technology knowledge. But not all seminars are equally good - sometimes we are not getting what we pay for I am sure you had that experience specially if you go to the free Manufacturers classes (some of them can be good but most times they are just a sales spiel) - that is why I decided to give some workshops myself - no selling here just knowledge - because I love this business and feel experienced people like me have the duty to teach others.

I am going to give to different seminars in April and May:

All Seminars start at 10am and end at 6pm with 1 hr Lunch

All Seminars are offered in NYC - Pa- Fairfax VA - dates TBA

LED and Radio Frequency applications- certification 1 Day

Learn how they work -why they work - who would be eligible - and what to look for when purchasing -  Bonus of 1hr marketing your new services

Thai Hot Stem

A new Body Treatment for Estheticians ( no massage license required) to your Spa - Learn

Thai Hot Stem Body Treatment -

it brings the clients back over and over again.It is super relaxing - great for chronic pain - and detoxification.

Spa's charge from 125 -195 Dollars per treatment.

If you like to get certified it takes two days hands on - seminars are in April - in NYC- Pa - and Va.

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Comment by Amy Sherman on March 6, 2014 at 10:31am

Wished I lived closer!

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