Can You Break Up Cellulite With Massage?

cellulite elimination

Cellulite is simply defined as the pilling up of toxic substances on the body. Cellulite is a fat but does not have to necessarily occur to overweight people. Massage is a healing touch and can be used to dispel these harmful substances from the body, thereby getting rid of cellulite. To regain the smooth and cool contours of the body, you must loosen cellulite to help the body get rid of these toxic substances. It is, however, important to note that cellulite is not a real health risk though it is an indication of a poor health habit. Massage smoothens the surface and therefore improves on appearance. Cellulite is hard to eliminate fully due to the structures of the fats. The most affected areas of the body are the thighs, buttocks, and midsection. Massage is, therefore, a safe, natural way of working out these problems without having to undergo surgical procedures as discussed below.

Massage theory

Deep and intense massage are what therapists commonly use to remove cellulite. The basic principle is consistency. Manual kneading coupled with lymphatic drainage is the formula and theory behind cellulite elimination. It smoothens tissues of the body which are soft. This deep massage breaks downs endowments of cellulite by exerting pressure to flatten the deposits. This massage further increases the rate of flow of blood and circulation, which in returns relieves affected areas. Fast flowing blood does not give room to the formation of cellulite. The lymphatic formula works out by thickening fiber, binding it together to form a thick layer that exerts pressure on the fat deposits. This forces the fats to bulge out thereby creating cheese like a cottage effect.

Efficiency of massaging on cellulite removal

Lymphatic problems cause build up of fluids in the body. A consistent, intense body massage flushes out these fluids. This has a great effect in fighting cellulite. However, this is only effective in the short term. To completely dispel cellulite, deep massage should be backed up with appropriate diet and life style. Deep massage can be painful or even cause bruises.

How it works

Deep massage aimed at solving this problem should be run for approximately one hour per day. Those seeking this massage lie on a massage bed having removed clothes. The massage bed should be padded and covered with a clean sheet. This way the therapist then gets access to the part of the body they are set to work on. It would cost the clients between one hundred to three hundred dollars per session. Different therapists give different results out of the varied experience and tools of work at their disposal. The surest way of getting quality service is by using mechanical tools. These tools would include those used in endermologie


It is a sophisticated deep massage that is appropriate for cellulite care purposes. It uses a machine fitted with rollers that spin as it runs. As they spin, they suck and straighten cellulite-infested area. It gives a higher voltage stretch of the area than the manual massage. The only similarity between this type of massage and the manual massage is the fact that in both, bruises and sores occurs. For this massage, it is more intense due to its vigor. It increases circulation of lymphatic fluids, which makes connecting tissues loose thereby breaking up fats. Broken up fats cells can be seen in the stool of clients who seek this massage. It costs about two thousand dollars.

Massage lotion

Massage lotion lessens pains on the clients as it reduces friction. It enables hands to glide easily. There are lotions and oils that benefit the client by aiding in fighting cellulite. Grapefruit and rosemary oils greatly help in toxin excretion from the body. Black pepper and ginger related oils also reduce the number of excess fats deposits in the body.


Massage is a practical way of removing cellulite. However, clients should seek the advice of medical practitioners before trying it out. You should finish up the massage by using broad and long strokes on the body. This helps in bringing underlying fats deposits on the surface so that they can be flushed out more easily in the succeeding massage. Clients should also drink plenty of water after the massage. This helps in flushing out toxic substances released after the exercise. To release the toxic substances in the blood stream, a lot of water should be taken. Cellulite care specialist advice that the client should take at least 32 ounces of water in the hours following the massage. With this, you are assured of reaping maximum benefits from the massage.

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