Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Wearing Braces

Having trouble with an overbite, or misaligned teeth will eventually lead to you wearing braces. As soon as you or your orthodontist detect the problem, you should be on your way to get braces and start wearing them for as long as necessary. However, just wearing braces isn't enough. You'll also have to take care of it properly and make sure to avoid several very common mistakes many people make. This is the only way you'll make the process of wearing braces as short as possible and the treatment fully successful.

Not choosing your foods

Sticky foods chock-full of sugar are never a good idea for either your teeth or your overall health. This is especially true if you're wearing braces. Hard and sticky foods will easily attach to the wires of your braces making it nearly impossible for you to clean them afterward when you go brush your teeth. Avoid candy, nuts and crunchy foods such as raw vegetables. Don't risk breaking the braces just because you're craving chips, corn, kennels, or gummy candy. Instead of having large chunks of food, start chopping your food into very small pieces. The smaller the bites, the less damage you'll potentially make to your braces. Some of the foods that you should steer clear of are caramels, chewy sweets, and anything gummy. Caramel is super sticky and it will be virtually irritable to clean every small bracket afterward because it attaches very easily but won't come off as smoothly. Aside from sticking to your teeth, chewy sweets can also cause braces to become loose after all the chewing that's required to properly eat them. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal and grains are some of the recommended foods for everyone who is wearing braces.

Brushing infrequently

You know how every orthodontist suggests we brush our teeth after each meal, right? Well, for those wearing braces this is especially important because they will have more gaps where food can get stuck. Not to mention the unsightly look you'll have if the food is sticking out of your wires. That's why you should always have your toothbrush with you and make sure you clean your braces whilst brushing your teeth thoroughly after every light snack. Not having proper oral hygiene can also cause serious gum infections, so it’s imperative that you take good care of your oral hygiene always. You should brush and floss 30 minutes after having sweets or any other kind of food. Rinse your mouth with water shortly after indulging a meal, but wait for at least half an hour before you grab your toothbrush, to prevent the acids from the food from wreaking havoc on your tooth enamel. 

Skipping dental appointments

One of the most common mistakes people make when they start wearing braces is not visiting their orthodontists regularly. Your orthodontist must follow the progress of your teeth alignment in order to know whether your condition is getting better or not. That’s why you should visit your orthodontist regularly and feel free to contact Terrigal Dental if you have any questions or want to schedule your appointment. The orthodontist needs to check your teeth after every milestone, and regardless of you wearing brackets or aligners, every appointment will bring you one step closer to your goal. Brackets, for example, require regular tightening when the time is right so that your teeth can gradually move to the proper position. On the other hand, if you're wearing aligners, they’ll need to be switched out at certain points too. Skipping your appointments can only lead to you wearing braces even longer than originally predicted. Visiting your dentist once a month or as many times as they suggest should not be negotiable if you want to have perfectly straight teeth.

Not taking your treatment seriously

A perfect smile requires much more than simply wearing braces. If your orthodontist also prescribes elastic bands, you should not try to skip on wearing them, but follow the doctor's orders. The reason behind wearing the bands is to speed up the straightening process. Don't risk slowing down the process of aligning your teeth by removing those bands. Not only can you risk delaying the braces removal, but you can also injure your mouth or the braces themselves just because you refused to wear them. Being disciplined is one of the most important qualities a person can have on their way to straighter teeth. If your braces treatment has come to an end, you should still wear the retainer. You shouldn’t risk having your teeth go back to the same position and undergo the treatment all over again.

Final thoughts

Discipline is of great importance when it comes to wearing braces. This is precisely why you must be ready to follow all the rules your orthodontist instructs you with if you want to have healthy and straight teeth soon. Brush regularly, avoid sticky foods, schedule regular appointments and be sure to take the treatment seriously for your own good.

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