Most Effective Post-Summer Skin Care Routines

Sunbathing, swimming in the pool or the salt sea as well as exposing the skin to sand, leaves the skin highly dehydrated after the summer is over. While getting a sun kissed tan may look amazing, the effect on the skin is not completely beneficial. After the wild summer days are over and you’re back from an unforgettable vacation, you should soothe your skin with a nourishing skin care routine.


Skin needs deep purification after it’s been under the influence of the sun and exposed to dirt. Therefore, your post-summer skin care routine should include exfoliation. Remove the built-up dead skin cells and let the new skin emerge and gift you with a flawless look. With gentle scrubs, you’ll efficiently remove the dead skin cells, after which the skin will be able to absorb all the moisturizer better and more quickly.

Pamper skin with masks

Cleansing masks will help relieve the skin of any dirt and grime that may have accumulated. Thanks to mineral clays and its purifying properties, the facemasks will target all the spots and offer just the right care you need. Furthermore, apply soothing masks too, and let the face get all the hydration it needs in order to look flawless.

Treat skin pigmentation

Sun spots are likely to show on the skin if you’ve been exposed to the sun a lot. Hyperpigmentation, melasma or any other skin pigmentation problem can be tedious but they’re all treatable. With the help of skincare experts at a specialized cosmetic clinic, you will be able to treat marks, blemishes or any type of pigmentation problem. A visit to a professional can leave you with a flawless glowing spot-free skin.

Neck and décolletage care

While we dedicate a large amount of time to face care, neck and décolletage sometimes fall behind and stay untreated. However, the first signs of aging appear precisely on these parts of the body as well as on the back of our hands. What’s more, our chests are often heavily exposed to the sun, so it’s vital you buff them with a facial scrub once a week, and moisturize with both anti-aging products and high-SPF lotions.

Lip care matters

Dry lips don’t occur just during winter. Unless you apply lip balm regularly while you are at the beach or just running errands in the city under the blazing sun, you’ll end up with dry chapped lips. Not only do dehydrated lips hurt, but they’re also unattractive. Don’t risk getting dry lips, nurture them with SPF-infused lip balms and lip masks. Exfoliate them with a quality scrub at night, and apply lip balm afterwards. Invest in those that are rich in petroleum and hyaluronic acid.

Treat your feet

Thanks to the hot weather, if we expose our feet to the sun while wearing sandals they tend to become cracked and dry. To offer your feet the best care and get rid of thick skin on the heels, treat yourself with a nourishing milk pedicure. Mix milk with hot water and add sugar crystals. What’s more, don’t forget to scrub the feet and exfoliate heels at least once a week before bed. Lotions with Shea butter are perfect as moisturizers, and be sure to apply them in the morning to keep the heels hydrated throughout the day.

Final thoughts

After summer is over and you’re left with a gorgeous tan, your skin still requires proper care and nourishment. Therefore, be sure to clean it properly, always moisturize with lotions and creams to keep it plump, and treat every part of the body with equal care.

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