I was asked a very important question a few days ago by a fellow aesthetician in regards to "what are my thoughts when it comes to nose waxing". I knew the reason why she was asking this question. If some of you are not sure about why this question was asked you may want to take a look at this article.

My response to this was " I have waxed hundreds and I mean hundreds of nostrils for men who have more straggly hair's protruding out of their nostril's than I have bristles on my hairbrush and not one of them has dropped dead on me". Now my answer might sound uncaring and a bit blaze and that wasn't my intention. My intention was one of tiresome articles that become scare mongers and get some aestheticians all in a fluster.

If your salon that you are operating from is not of a high standard with good sanitary practices, then all services that you perform can be at risk of infections etc. The article above claims that all areas on the face, including pimple popping (which occurs during a facial) and any sort of picking, poses a potential health risk to the client. Does this mean that you don't extract pimples during your facial services from now on? No, it doesn't. It just means that in all areas of our salon practices, we should at all times offer services that are of the highest standard when it comes to sanitation. By this I mean, washing hands before touching a client, wearing gloves during waxing, no double dipping, and always clean the area prior to being treated.

When waxing the nostrils, clean the area to be waxed prior to waxing with a good quality astringent using a clean cotton bud. Insert the hard wax using a clean popsicle stick/spatula into the corner of the nose only, where the hair is hanging lower than the nostril itself. Once the wax has dried and the hair has been pulled out, use another clean cotton bud with astringent/witch hazel and apply to freshly waxed area. Never double dip the wax regardless of what area of the body you are waxing and never insert the waxed popsicle stick/spatula so far up the nostril that you could potentially pull out his/her brain.

If you are still not convinced that this is a sanitary or safe practice for you to be offering in your salon, then I will pose another question to you. "Do you offer Brazilian bikini waxing in your salon?"

Did you know that the hair on your vagina, around your vagina and sometimes in your vagina is there for a reason? Removing hair from around this area makes us ladies more prone to yeast infections, urine infections and a whole array of other infections if the area that has been waxed rubs against our knickers causing chaffing. We are also more prone to an infection after our Lady Garden has been waxed if we have sex within 24 hours. Hmm, most of my clients getting this service are doing it for sanitation reasons, sex appeal or that they are going on a hot date that evening and most likely having sex. But, does this stop us from offering this service in our salons? I tell all clients that wax that this can happen, none ever report back to me that it was an issue. It is my job as their aesthetician to make them aware of any dangers that waxing can produce.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this topic. One more thing .... I did come across a technician a while ago that was adamant that she wasn't offering this waxing service in her salon as it posed a huge health risk to the public. By the way she mentioned this to me as she was on her way to a nail salon to get her monthly pedicure.

You know one of those salons that don't disinfect the foot bowl for a minimum of ten minutes with a hospital grade disinfectant before the next client dunks her luscious toes in there, or where they reuse the same implements on every client potentially causing a fungus infection or even worse a staph infection? Blog on this to follow ...... keep checking in!

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