Start the new year with new skin! Want a simple routine for hydrated, healthy skin?


Natural Skin Care Fashioned for Deep Hydration

Simple, joyful skin for the new year!

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Joyous Cleanser
Joyfully clean your face with lavender and roses! 
Free from chemicals, sodium laurylsulfates, petroleum and man-made fragrances, Joyous Cleanser removes dirt, makeup and bacteria without disturbing the delicate acid mantel that naturally protects skin. Closely aligned with the skin's own pH, this product can be used without water to whisk away daily grime, even while camping! 100% natural, no animal testing.
Handcrafted ingredients:100% certified organic aloe vera juice, rose hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit extract, and essential oils of bergamot, lavender, balsam pern, carrot seed and helichrysum.
$22 (4oz)

Joyous Rose Hydrosol
Controls sebum production and tightens pores!
Rosewater controls and balances sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily skin. It can balance and restore the skin's pH and helps tighten pores. Its antibacterial properties assist in fighting acne, giving troubled skin a gentle, rather than harsh, treatment.
Handcrafted ingredients: Bulgarian rose petals.
$22 (4oz)

Joyous Serum
Vitamin-rich and loaded with hydration! 
Promotes healthy regeneration of cells due to sun damage, acne and harsh weather. Wonderful hydration before bed or going out into harsh elements. Massage a small amount into cleansed skin. Then apply moisturizer and sunblock as usual.
Handcrafted ingredients: 100% certified organic cold-pressed and unrefined: almond oil, rosehips seed oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oils of sweet orange, ylang ylang, superior, neroli, lavander, balsam peru and carrot seed.
$33 (1oz)

Joyous Lip Plump
A flash of color with a hint of cinnamon!
Stimulates circulation making lips appear fuller.
Handcrafted ingredients: bees wax, certified organic Colorado (CO) almond oil, lanoline, CO cocoa butter, CO sea buckthorn oil, extracts of alkanet & manjistha, vitamin E oil and 100% natural CO essential oils of cinnamon, peppermint, rose, geranium and carrot seed.
$2.99 (0.15oz)

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FREE GIFTS! Samples of two special skin care products will be added as a thank you for purchasing the Joy Box - both are available to buy if you decide you can't live without them!

  • Joyous Lavender Shea Butter (¼ oz)
  • Joyous Nourishing Oat Exfoliate (¼ oz)

For more information, or to purchase a Joy Box from Joyous Skin Care, call 970 531 1576, or check out our website! 


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