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6 Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

There are many people around the world who are unsatisfied with their appearance. Plastic surgery is a good way to change aspects of your body that you don’t like. Almost all plastic surgeries have a cosmetic element. However, procedures may also be focused on reconstruction.…


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5 Things That a DNA Test Can Tell About You

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that stores a genetic map about the development of past generations and a program for the development of future generations. The DNA testing method is a genetic analysis of hereditary material that stores key information about the…


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Pros and Cons of Silicones in Cosmetics

The words " silicones free" in the description of cosmetics have become a popular marketing ploy. The media talk a lot about the dangers of these substances, while different types of silicones can be found in many cosmetic products from shampoos to face creams. Let’s figure out…


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How to Build a Personalized Skincare Ritual

Taking proper care of their skin is the majority of ladies’ top priority, and if you’re one of those women who always loved to pamper their skin – welcome to the club, you’re at the right place! Here are some useful tips on how to build a personalized skincare ritual, so check them out and get down to business!


Skincare rituals for dry skin

Needless to say, your skincare ritual needs to be tailored according to your skin type, so start from there and identify your…


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Laser Stretch Mark Removal and its Side Effects

Though stretch marks do not have any health implications directly related to them, their presence may be an indication that something is not working out well in the body especially when weight gain causes the marks. Stretch marks may also result from hormonal changes in the body…


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6 Tips for Helping Your Skin Survive Winter

When winter comes, we all like to indulge ourselves in long, hot showers and staying warm in front of the fire. But just like the cold temperature will dry out the skin, so will enjoying the warm indoors. During winter, skin tends to lose water which leads to irritations and itchiness, as well as to and can also exacerbate certain conditions like…


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4 rejuvenation skin tips to get your glow back

Australia is known for its long summers and mild winters. Sydney has approximately 230 sunny days in total annually! However, that also means that our skin is more exposed to the Sun’s rays and that we need to take extra care of it to keep it nice and glowing. Plus, with all that sunshine, we need to be careful not to over-expose our skin to much…


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5 Beauty Benefits of Regular Exercise

There is no doubt that exercise is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle: it makes us feel better and more energetic and it contributes to our overall well-being while protecting us from health problems later in our life.…


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Skincare Habits You Shouldn't Overlook

We all have our own skincare routine. Some of us have more success than others in keeping our face clean from pimples. However, you can always do better. If you belong to the group with problematic skin, perhaps it’s just genetics, but it can also be that you’re doing something wrong. Having that in mind, it's best to consult with other people on their skincare rituals and compare. Of course, what works on one person, doesn’t necessarily work on another. When…


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The Power of a Beautiful Smile

Nice teeth are often a significant feature. Those who have them tend to take them for granted, while others, who understand this and haven’t been as blessed as the first group, do everything in their power to correct their teeth situation and never neglect their oral hygiene. Yet there…


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Microblading: What You Need to Know Before Getting the Treatment

Undergoing certain procedures is not a matter of the general health of the body anymore. The beauty business has become so powerfully strong in the last decade, with many people opting for semi-permanent makeup. However, one of the most popular procedures in this department is definitely microblading. But what is microblading, and is it safe? Is everyone eligible for this procedure? And finally, are there any other benefits to this then just getting having perfectly shaped…


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Long-Term Beauty Procedures Worth the Money

Looking flawless has never been easier, especially when you think about how big the beauty industry is right now. Besides, surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures are no longer a taboo and they’re becoming more and more affordable, so it’s fairly simple getting the look you always wanted and becoming more confident, as long as you consider it as an investment. Here are several long-term beauty procedures that are worth their cost.…


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Prepare Your Skin on Time: Hair Removal Tips

As soon as the summer starts approaching, every woman begins to think about removing all that annoying hair from her body in order to be ready when the time for wearing a bikini comes. However, it turns out that many of us don’t do this properly, so, we’ve decided to help you a bit and prepare a list of some very useful advice on how to prepare your skin on time.…


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Assist yourself on how To Exfoliate Your Skin

Maybe you are a pro on taking care of your skin in various ways but if you have not give yourself some skin exfoliation love you are far from home. Learn on how to Exfoliate Your Skin routinely, and you will experience the higher joy of having a youthful look without going to extreme lengths to attain it.

The first step you need to master on how to exfoliate your skin is in getting the perfect…


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Were you aware of these 5 significances of Exfoliation process?

Come on. Be honest. Have you been diligently exfoliating? If you havent quite gotten around the best exfoliation method that works for your skin, that shouldnt mean that you must exclude exfoliator for the face as one of the best skin aids that you can…


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Summer is here!! Identify and Treat These 8 Summer Skin Rashes

“Everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming.” That was a line uttered by Ali Larter’s character in the film, “Final Destination 2000”.  It isn’t just the season that’s changing though.…


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How to Tell if Your Skin Needs More Protection

Achieving and maintaining skin health is a challenging feat men and women face everyday. It’s the reason why Americans look for help in many ways. At least 15.9 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were conducted in 2015 alone, that is, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Does your skin need help?



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Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin in Winter

Animals are wrapped in furs, mummies are wrapped for eternity, butterflies are wrapped for safety in cocoons. As for women, they are wrapped in skin which is exposed all through the year to harsh climatic elements, the winds that ravage, the sun that burns.

The sauna was invented to take care of such matters. But saunas are expensive. Here is the body ritual, based on the wrap-up principle. It's all done at home. And it all starts in the…


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6 Strange but Effective Ways to Clean Your Pores

There are tiny little openings all over your skin. Called pores, these openings allow small particles into and out of the skin. These little openings contain hair follicles and interact with important glands in the skin as well. Pores are essential to the skin’s health and function.

However, pores can be problematic. Able to be dirty or clogged, pores contribute to acne, skin irritation, and even skin oiliness when problems arise in them. That’s why it is so…


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Anti aging Products - When To Should Start Using?

Most of young females in late teens ask exactly what age to go with Anti aging products? The majority of people think them tool younger to use anti aging creams.

Still you will find no rules or even restrictions to utilize anti aging creams in any specific age. Anti aging…


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