Style Inspiration for 2019: Bridal Jewelry

The big day is approaching, and you're still uncertain about the accessories which will complete and complement your wedding dress? No worries, we got you – below we listed some of the best bridal jewelry options. Whether you're thinking about showcasing some of your heirlooms or spoiling yourself with a couple of new sparkling items for walking down the aisle, take a look at the tips we shared below first. 

1. White pearls

Whoever thinks pearls are old-fashioned jewelry couldn't be more wrong. White pearls are everything one bride is – elegant, pure and beautiful. Fun and inspiring fact is that THE fashion icon Coco Chanel was never seen without her pearls, as neither was Jackie Kennedy, who used to say, "pearls are always appropriate". And she was right! Pearls are a symbol of femininity, purity and sophistication – perfect for a classy bridal look. Whether you opt for traditional, yet timeless jewelry style, or contemporary choker or similar designs, pears will indubitably fit and enhance your wedding look. Moreover, opting for pearls can spare you the troubles of mixing and matching because even if you decide for the complete set, it won't be kitschy at all!  

2. Hanging earrings

Elegant hanging earrings with your hair up in a loose bun is the iconic bridal look. It doesn't matter if it's gold, silver or diamond earrings, as long as they aren't too big or too shiny, but just enough to sparkle as you turn your head – they're perfect. Hanging earrings are the best choice for brides with bandage wedding gowns, where a necklace is redundant. 

3. Dress ring

Perhaps diamonds aren't necessarily girl's best friends, but they're definitely bride's besties. And what better time to shine bright like a diamond and what better excuse for costly jewelry than your own wedding day? Pick one of the amazing designer dress rings made for formal events such as wedding ceremonies – it will be a perfectl company to your engagement ring.

4. Strand or pendant necklace 

This is the choice you have to make according to the model of your wedding gown. If it's a strapless design, both strand or pendant options will work well, but if it's a one-shoulder dress or there are any asymmetric lines, it can be tricky, so perhaps try to keep your necklace as simple as possible or even not wear any at all. However, for a round neckline, a choker necklace is the most flattering and graceful option. 

5. Hair vines

Another way to incorporate some more jewelry into your bridal look is hiding right there, in your hair! Spice up your hairstyle with one of the plenty modern hair accessories. And sometimes the dress is just so right, that you don't need additional items to enhance it, but instead you focus on your hair. This trend is taking over the world, and it's no wonder there are myriads of bridal hair vines available with various jewels and colors combination. They're romantic, stylish and simply adorable! You could even coordinate it with your venue, for instance: hand-beaded floral accents for a backyard wedding, or contemporary metallic one for an indoors fancy reception. Or, come up with your own original design and order it – either way, this delicate and elegant addition to your big day outfit will definitely contribute to your overall look. 

The most important thing about your wedding day look is that you remain faithful to yourself and rock your very own bridal style. Once you have found the wedding dress of your dreams, you are to decide on accessories and makeup. Keep in mind that less is more, but also don't be too harsh on your choices, especially when it comes to jewelry. Take note of the suggestions and ideas we shared above and prepare to be the most beautiful, elegant and radiant girl in the room. 

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Comment by Tom Glasier on October 25, 2019 at 5:27am

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