Why You Should Switch to Natural Cosmetics

Whenever you read that a brand of a skin conditioner has “proprietary formulas”, this actually means that the product has synthetic colors, fragrances, and more. We use different kinds of cosmetics all the time, but many of these products are harmful because they contain substances that aren’t good for us. Even deodorants have parabens and alcohol in them, and don’t let us start on makeup! 

Moreover, buying certain products doesn’t only affect our personal health but the world around us as well. Nowadays, people are making more products that don’t include labor exploitation and that aren’t tested on animals. Also, there are 100% natural cosmetics, and we should all switch to using products of this kind. Here are the reasons why!

You will deal with no negative side effects 

Synthetic beauty products with different kinds of proprietary blends can have some quite unpleasant side effects. For instance, a lot of these iffy mixes contain parabens, and they are bad for our overall health because they act like estrogens in our body, which affects our ability to regulate the hormone. All this can lead to different health conditions, from acute irritations to breast cancer. This doesn’t happen with products that have natural preservatives.

In addition, synthetic products can cause acute skin irritations, breakouts, blemishes, rashes, and other similar conditions. However, those who use only natural skin care products don’t face problems of this kind because natural ingredients can’t harm our skin in any way, they can only nourish it.  

They are more recommended during pregnancy 

Natural cosmetics are more suitable for women who are expecting, and this is something all experts agree on. Pregnant women should be particularly careful with what they use because everything affects the baby as well, since the mother and the baby are connected during these nine months. When we use cosmetics, our skin absorbs some of the compounds and properties of these products, which all ends up in our bloodstream. This is why we should avoid parabens, fragrances and synthetic colors.

You will contribute to saving the world 

It’s impossible to save the world on your own, but we can all be superheroes a little bit by choosing to buy natural, sustainably-made local products. We should always choose the ones that do not include labor exploitation or testing on animals, which means we can turn to companies that advertise as sustainable. 

You should be aware of the fact that beauty products rich in chemicals and synthetic blends actually end up in the air and the water. Finally, they end up polluting the ecosystem. On the other hand, natural products aren’t dangerous at all, because we return nature to nature.

They are safe to use over the long term

Natural cosmetic products are much safer to use over the long term. In fact, you can use whatever you like constantly without worrying it will irritate your skin. If you use a certain brand of natural eyeliner, your eyes will be safe no matter how much and often you use it. Also, you can use a natural moisturizer as much as you want without the risk of harming your skin in any way after a certain period of time. This is particularly great for girls and ladies who like putting a lot of makeup because they do not need to worry that their face will suffer any consequences.

It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit 

Lastly, we can also mention a spiritual reason to use only natural cosmetics. There is the holistic approach that one’s body, mind and spirit are linked together, influencing each other. They need to be in balance because this way we can self-heal. Using only natural ingredients supports the natural healing process of the skin because natural skin care products can support the skin in its ability to regenerate itself and they even help bring everything into balance.

If you own mostly synthetic products, perhaps this article will make you want to throw all these blends out. The number of people going for what’s natural is increasing, and we’re trying to be as eco-friendly as we can. Just because we aren’t supermen, this doesn’t mean we can’t be some sort of superheroes by choosing cosmetics that are not just good for us, but for the environment as well.  

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