Have you ever looked at your old Facebook photos, saw the orange shade powder, pink blush and other makeup disasters and thought: “Dear god, what was I thinking?” Do not worry, learning how to do your makeup is a process, and during that process we all make some mistakes. Some of them are true sins that could land us straight into the beauty hell. Luckily, it is never too late to realize your wrongdoings and change them. We will not leave all the hard work to you, though. Here, we will make clear some of the worst makeup mistakes most of us are making and how to correct them.

Choosing the Wrong Foundation

Opting for the wrong shade of foundation is an often mistake, but avoiding it is surprisingly simple. Take two shades you consider to be the closest to your complexion, apply each of them to your jawline, go outside and see which one of them looks more natural when viewed on the natural daylight.

Not Blending Your Face to Your Neck

We all do it sometimes, when we are in a hurry and the lighting in our bathrooms is poor, it is hard to notice and remember to blend your face to your neck. Do not ever make this mistake again and always blend down until you get the same shade (check under natural light) or use a tinted moisturizer that is much easier to blend and looks more natural.

The “Clownish” Blush

Going crazy on the blush can leave you looking as if you are headed on a children’s birthday party as an entertainer, if you know what we mean. The function of a blush is to give you a healthy glow and liven up your complexion. To apply it properly, smile and brush it across the apples of the cheeks and blend backwards towards your temples, leaving no harsh lines.

Applying Matte Lipstick on Dry Lips

Matte lipstick is all the rage this season, but many of us tend to apply it incorrectly. If you apply a matte shade lipstick onto dry and unnourished lips, you will end up with cracked and unhealthy looking lips. Instead, exfoliate your lips (with a toothbrush) every day and apply an ultra-moisturizing L’Occitane lip balm before putting on the lipstick. This way, you will not only prepare your lips for a matte lipstick, but you will also heal, protect and nourish them in a natural and organic way.

The Wrong Shade of Eye Shadow

So, you have heard that blue eye shadow is a major hit this season and you want to try it out? Well, the big bad truth is that not all of us look as amazing with this hot trend. Instead, match the shade of the eye shadow with your eye color. For brown/hazel/green eyes use purple, green, blue or mahogany and for blue copper, bronze, brown, plum or terracotta.

Using the Wrong Color for Your Brows

How you fill in your brows will determine your face shape. If you choose the wrong shade you may look washed out or unnatural. For lighter hair shade, go one to two shades darker than your natural color and for darker shade do the opposite, and you will be just fine.

Not Preparing Your Skin for Makeup

One does not simply apply makeup to dry and previously unprepared skin. If you apply foundation onto dry skin, it will not blend in with the face, but it will sit on the top and accentuate flakiness. You will avoid such beauty disasters by cleaning exfoliating (once a week) and hydrating your face, and only then applying makeup.

Now that you have some free “get-out-of-the-beauty-hell” tips, you should be able to do your makeup right.


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