Our favourite time of the year is already here. Summer is all about getting a healthy glow on our skins, enjoying water activities and getting free from everyday hustle and bustle by the nearest pool or near the seaside. However, we would all like to keep our tan so now it is the right time to embark on your summer skin caring routine. By using the right type of cosmetics, applying bronzers and the right hues of eye shadows you are bound to keep you looking healthily tanned for many months to come.

Your skin needs to get smoothed, first

First things first, get your sun-dried skin smooth again. Chlorinated pools have done no good to it, so now you need to get an exfoliator to have again the smooth skin you had before the summer. You don’t need to turn to beauty products to get you skin glow but rather choose some of the cremes made by dermatologists. You can choose among many at Osmosis shop to get your skin shine, clean and healthy again.

Maintain your tan

If you are among those who love their tanned skin, you would like to extend your new look for as much as it is possible. Do not opt for going to tanning beds because you do not really want to fight with wrinkles shortly after. Get your glow by applying a fake tanning product. Those are not harmful to your body and you will get the healthy bronze effect in a matter of seconds. Pick the ones which are based on coconut oil as those will keep your skin nourished, too.

Make up is the key to keeping summer glow

Makeup can turn a saint into a sinner, so can it make you keep your summer skin glowing. You can use bronzers to highlight and contour your face and make it radiant. But, if you are thinking which hues of eye shadows to choose from, go for earthly ones. Golden and bronze hues will look good on your recently tanned skin. There are some wonderful make up brushes which can turn you into a makeup artist in no time. Who needs the sun when you can be make up magician?

Hair needs its glow, too

Like your skin, your hire is in dire need of some really good nourishing after being exposed to the saltwater or chlorine in your local pool. Due to excessive sun exposure it can get really dry and brittle. You should embrace the new ways how to help your hair become the same old glowing one. You will need to use an oily hair mask to nourish your hair. If you are not sure which one to try you can always go for the well-known DIY ones. You will need a yolk, two teaspoons of virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Stir everything and once it is ready put on your hair and leave in for at least three hours. Rinse it in lukewarm water and then wash your hair like you always do and see your perfect radiantly glowing hair there again.

Keep your summer glow by nourishing your skin and hair and use the make up tricks to create that summer radiance. Sparkle up!


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