My apologies. I haven't been updating like I should! :( 

Anyway, it was awesome to find out my last/very first blog entry was featured. Thanks for that! 

Also, since my last entry, I've only had one no-show, and all my clients are pretty sweet. I do try my best to listen to them and cater to their needs as much as possible. That's why I opt to enroll in extra classes. A week ago, I studied more in-depth about Skin Analysis with Miss Elisabeth Kiss (EuroSkin Institute-Mountain View, CA). It was such a wonderful experience, especially because it ended up being a one-on-one training session. I had the opportunity to give her a mini facial and she gave me feedback on my touch and communication. From that day on, I had the extra boost of confidence in my skills.

It's a great feeling to know you're pretty much-- in video gamer terms-- leveling up. Supplemental and advanced classes are absolutely necessary to become successful in this field. (But, at this point, I'm just preaching to the choir, right?)


I signed up for a threading and a sugaring class in December, and I can't wait to attend.


For now, let the holidays roll in! I know my school's spa is super booked next month.

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Comment by Shelley Hancock on November 25, 2011 at 7:56am

Cat, we have a fabulous in-depth microcurrent class coming up in January at my training center in Foster City. I would love to see you there!


Here's the info:

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