Types of Makeup Every Woman Should Know

Recently, the use of makeup has been revolutionized, and makeup has become an integral part of our everyday life. Just like how the canvas is transformed into a beautiful painting, makeup enhances the facial features and makes it presentable.

A research funded by Procter & Gamble on the importance of makeup revealed that women who wear suitable makeup are perceived as likeable, competent and trustworthy in her work environment. The significance of using right makeup cannot be ignored by any woman.

But the biggest question is what kind of makeup is right or needed. Women need to know what suits them so that they can take use of the makeup and enhance their appearance. There is no “one fix makeup” for women. However, there are some makeup essentials that work well for women. Here are 3-types of makeup every woman should know:

1. Foundation and concealer

  • Foundation

As per a survey conducted on the usage of cosmetics and makeup, foundation and concealer are used approximately in 32.58% of households in the United States. Women who are suffering from dull complexion, patchy skin and uneven tone can benefit greatly from a suitable foundation.

  • Foundation should match your skin tone. The one that matches closely to your real skin tone can enhance your facial appearance.

  • The next factor to look for is the coverage that foundation offers. Medium to low coverage, women can select the right one as per the condition of their facial skin.

  • Aside from the above factors, one needs to look for the foundation that has long staying power (long-wearing) so that the makeup stays on for more hours.

  • There are foundations with SPF for working women in various forms- liquid/oil-free or matte/cream foundation.

  • Apart from liquid or cream foundations, there are compact foundation powders for frequent application.

  • Foundation can also be applied on skin brightening creams for a healthy glow

  • Foundation is used to even out the dull facial skin. Women should refrain from buying shades that are lighter than their real skin tones.

  • Concealer

Concealer is nothing but a corrector that covers hyper-pigmentation, marks and age spots on the facial skin. Many varieties of concealers are available for women that range from yellow tinted to green-tinted concealers.

  • Yellow tinted concealer works on to cover pigmentation with purple undertones

  • For covering up acne marks and redness, green tinted concealer can come in handy

  • To liven up pale skin, pink tinted concealer can be used under the foundation

  • To cover the greyish undertones, orange shade concealers are best

2. Lipsticks and lip gloss

Lipstick accentuates the lip and provides a healthy dash of color to the lips. Every makeup routine is incomplete without a suitable lipstick or lip tint. Lipsticks are popular for “no makeup” look too, as there are lip shades that match our natural lip color.

  • Creamy and moisture rich lipsticks are best for dry and pale lips

  • Lipsticks with SPF are preferred options for the women on the go

  • Lipsticks come in the various finish such as matte and gloss. Matte finish is preferred for everyday/office makeup whereas gloss is suitable for evenings or casual outings.

  • Lipsticks look best when used with lip liners

  • For long hours, lipsticks with long staying power can be used

  • Lipsticks can also enhance the shape of the lips when used with lip plumpers

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3. Eye makeup

Eye makeup is a must for every woman. Eye makeup not only accentuates the shape of the eyes but it provides a healthy look to the face. Eye makeup consists of many components like:

  • Eye primer- to set the base for eye makeup

  • Eyeliner in liquid/cream/gel form


  • Eyeshadows available in cream/matte forms

  • Subtle eye make-up with thin eyeliner and mascara is suitable for the day/office wear

  • Dramatic and bold eye makeup with bright colors and a thick coat of mascara is ideal for evenings and nights.

  • Eye makeup should be removed before sleeping as it can leave a residue or build-up that will harm the sensitive skin around and on the eyes.

  • Eye makeup with vitamin E is good for the eye health

  • Products that irritate eyes by making them teary and red should be discontinued from use


Makeup is essential for a presentable look. Every woman should know some makeup basics including the foundation and concealer, lipsticks and eye makeup. These three types of makeup are easy and quick to apply. Alternatively, women can build on these elements to enrich their makeup experience.







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