Were you aware of these 5 significances of Exfoliation process?

Come on. Be honest. Have you been diligently exfoliating? If you havent quite gotten around the best exfoliation method that works for your skin, that shouldnt mean that you must exclude exfoliator for the face as one of the best skin aids that you can tap and add to your skincare routine to promote your skins health and radiance.

Peeling It All Away

Perhaps, out of all the special treatments that you can spoil your skin with, a good exfoliation method that suits your skin will have to be the most indispensable no matter what your age or skin type is (yes, even if you have hypersensitive skin). Still not convinced? Have a look at these 5 top reasons why exfoliation is good for your skin no matter when and no matter what:


Reason No. 1: Exfoliation improves your skins rates of delivering repair and regeneration.  This function gets more and more crucial for your skin as you age. Thats because your skin undergoes a natural aging and slowing down process that, as a result, also takes your skin longer to regenerate and turnover. That means youre stuck with your old, damaged skin much longer than you should.

Exfoliation works in this manner by faking skin damage at the surface which alarms your skin cells and sets off a faster rate of skin regeneration to respond to the pseudo damage caused by exfoliating. In effect, hyperpigmentation appears faded, while wrinkles and fine lines become filled with collagen as more of these are present in your skin.

These claims are well-founded.  There are at least two studies, that demonstrated the improvements caused by chemical peels and microdermabrasion on the pigskin, which closely resembles human skin. In particular, increased collagen activity, smoother fine lines, and faster skin healing were noted in these studies.

Reason No. 2: Exfoliation helps prevent skin infections and breakouts.  When theres too much flaky, dry skin sitting on the surface, these push down on your pores and cause these to become plugged. Mixed with excess sebum, each one becomes a haven for acne-causing bacteria to grow. Regular use of an exfoliator can help avoid infection and simultaneously help keep your pores tight, and your skin surface smooth as silk. Choose exfoliator for face according to your skin.


Reason No. 3: Exfoliation facilitates skin restructuring. Using any exfoliation method, your skins surface layer is sloughed off, which not only gives your skin more room to push up newer, lesser damaged layers from the bottom of your epidermis and down to the depths of your dermis.  Turns out, it also gives your skin an opportunity to restructure your skin, make it tighter, stronger, and more elastic.

In fact, several studies have attested to this important function of exfoliation. That includes a study that showed that the skins basal layer became better synthesized as the dermal arrangement also showed evidence of improvements. By better restructuring, your skin, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation are faded, while sagging skin is improved as elasticity and density of your skin significantly increase in volume to show plumper, fuller skin

Reason No.4.  Exfoliation improves your skins hydration.  It may sound ironic and utterly absurd how a very drying feeling that follows any exfoliation method can, in fact, promote improved skin moisture. The stratum corneum, the surface layer of your skin that consists of cemented dead skin cells make it harder for moisture to seep in.

By using an exfoliator for face, you will be enhancing the absorption of the moisturizing and other skin enhancement products in your routine. By loosening up this tough mask on your skin,  there is more room for moisture, water specifically (because that is what your skin needs to be moisturized, not oil), will have more room to seep in. That makes your skin appear dewier and plumper.

Reason No.5.  Exfoliation improves microcirculation.  By exfoliating, you help relax constricted veins underneath your skin, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to become transported in and out of your skin. These are essential in fueling your skin to perform regeneration, healing, and renewal functions. It also helps relieve you of your dull and lifeless complexion


Skin clarity, softness, smoothness, brightness, and overall youthful appearance Really, what have you got to lose when you exfoliate? Nada. So, dont stop now. Time to look for that right exfoliator to work out these 5 benefits for your skin.

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