Why You Should Consider Adding Sugaring to Your Spa Menu

Hi everyone, 

I noticed that this topic hasn't been discussed in a while, so I wanted to bring it up again. Have all the waxers out there considered offering sugaring to your clients?

I have found there to be many benefits to sugaring, both for clients and for myself. 

Clients love sugaring because:

1. It is all-natural. The sugaring paste consists of only lemon juice, sugar, and water. That is all. 

2. It is more gentle. When clients are sugared they are typically less red than they would be with waxing. The sugar is incredibly gentle on the skin and while it removes dead skin cells, it does not remove any functioning skin. 

3. The sugaring paste does not need to be hot. This leads to less discomfort for the client and no risk of burning the skin. 

4. With proper technique, the hair will take even longer to grow back than it does with waxing. Removing the hair in the direction of growth reduces breakage, which also causes the client to experience fewer ingrowns. 

5. There is way less waste. I use one pair of gloves for each appointment, and that is all the waste I produce!


On a more selfish note, as the technician, I prefer sugaring over waxing for a few reasons. 

1. It is easy to clean. If you get sugar on the floor or walls, wiping it with a warm cloth will easily remove it. 

2. You can charge more. There are fewer places offering sugaring and it is considered to be higher-end than waxing, so people are willing to pay more. This combined with the fact that there isn't an abundance of salons driving the price down, leads to higher average pay. 

3. It is fun!! It is incredibly satisfying to play with a ball of sugaring paste and to see the client's results after I finish. 

I have been sugaring for many years and have tried plenty of sugaring pastes. However, I really enjoy SugarSMAC's paste. I find it to be really consistent and well priced. They also offer sugaring courses across Canada. I've linked their sugaring courses here.

I'm curious to hear what everyone else feels. Are you a sugarist? Where did you take your training? What is your favourite benefit of sugaring?

On the flip side if you are a waxer, have you considered sugaring? Why or why not?

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