So ladies I have an interview and have to perform a facial this week at The Woodhouse Day Spa and would like some advice. Mind you I am a recent graduate so if I get this it will be my first job out of school so I'm excited. Has anyone worked there or currently is that could give me some advice going in or what to expect. I'm super nervous but I really need and want this job!!

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Comment by Brenda Sue Bradley on June 29, 2014 at 10:40am

Hi Michelle, just saw this posting, so it may be too late, you may have had your interview already.  I actually interviewed with them last year and did not get the job.  They told me they went with someone who was familiar with the products they use.  And although one may think that was just the excuse they used, I knew someone who worked there at the time, and according to her, it was really true.  They did hire someone who know their products.  So my advice would be (if it's not too late), t find out what they use (I can't remember) and research that product before you go in, just so you can speak knowledgably about it.  Hope that helps and good luck!  brenda

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