I just finished esthetician school and I will be taking my state board next month.I am going to rent a room (a huge room) in a beauty shop in my town. I think this will be a good place to start building clients. The owner is one of 5 stylist there and also have a nail tech and all of them are so excited about me coming on board. I have already purchased some equipment. I am trying to decide what product would be the best for me. We used Dermalogica in school. I took a class and am certified with PCA. I have researched every professional skin care product that I hear about or see, and now I am now so confused and overwhelmed. This will be a big step for me and I want a product that produces results and is affordable to myself as well as my client. I will appreciate any  and all advice that you can give me. Thanks so much in advance.


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Thank you Danielle! Just go ahead and email me at jami@yourintelligentskin.com  We can communicate best that way anyway. Schedule is a little hectic.

Hi Cathy, 


I use LeMieux products.   They are a tremendous line and very affordable.  I am located in Southern California, as are they.  They offer free ongoing training regularly in their facility and are always available by phone or email to answer any questions.   Sylvia, their Sales Manager will  email you regarding questions you may have about specific treatments.  There are no minimums for orders and the products produce very good results.   You might want to check out their website.  www.lemieuxcosmetics.com.   Good luck.  



Hi Cathy, 


Thank you for sharing this information with me.  I am not familiar with these products but I will research them.  I am located in Lafayette, Louisiana,, so we are limited as far as training goes with Cosmetics companies being here locally.  Some companies send reps, to train you or I have had to go to Houston for training.   I am also looking for a makeup line.  I currently use Jane Iredale, but they are a little high.  So if you have any thoughts on a makeup line, please let me know.  Thanks again,

PCA is an excellent choice.   I've done alot of research as well and it does become very overwhelming!  PCA is the only line that I can honestly say that I love all of their products.  Being certified, I'm sure you are aware of their excellent training.  You get credit for products for any training costs.  My clients love the trial sized solutions and I love that this gives me many options to customize their care.  I've had great results with their peels for the treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation.  I don't use the hydroquinone products at this time.   They have no requirements on minimum orders and their esthetician consultants are very helpful and friendly. I just recently set up a Product Knowledge class at our salon, so they will come and train us next month.  The process to schedule this "in-office" class was seamless and they were very accomodating. The other product lines that I do use are Eminence-for masks, body scrubs and massage oil, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Daily Micro exfoliant and Dr. Belter ( A German product)- for masks and ampules (treatment serums). Good luck!
I have been an esthetician for 11 years and have exclusively used GlyMed Plus Skin Care. This line has highly efficacious ingredients formulated to histologically change the skin. GlyMed Plus has been around for 20 years providing superior education, customer service, and results. It has been featured on The Doctors Show and LifeTime's The Balancing Act, as well as being the skin care line of choice for the stars at the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Sundance Film Festival. Check out their web page and FaceBook for more info. My clients love it! www.glymedplus.com

Hi All - Like several of you - I'm also certified in PCA Chemical Peels and was big fan of most of their products  - that is, until I discovered Image Skincare.  I love their peels - easier to use and, equally, or more effective than PCA. The price points are comparable and I have found Image to be an easier sell in the retail space.  Every one of my clients has reordered Image products from me.  Sure, like any other brands, there are some holes in the line & I plug those holes with other products, yet Image is reasonably priced and with it's medical grade ingredients, it's a highly effective/results oriented brand. 

There are no purchase minimums, great promotions, strong support and classes from my Image Rep, several of their products do double or triple duty; for instance:  Their Ageless Total Cleanser cleanses, exfoliates and tones!  Three products in one.  Their Sun lines are both moisturizers and sun blocks in several permutations; i.e, gels, creams, SPF 15 - 30.  If your client is on a budget - They can purchase just two products v/s 5.  In our economy I find that to be a huge selling point.


I do and have used Tu'el by Eva's Esthetics for nearly 13 years.  Their philosophy is simple and their products are incredible and produce wonderful results.  I am in the process of waiting for a PCA peel class in my area but only want to learn and become certified with their peels.  I have use other products when I have been required to by certain employers but am back into my own studio and invested once again in the Tu'el product line.  Go to Tuelskincare.com for information on their product or call them, they treat you like family and talking to the CEO is not uncommon when you call.  Lori & Lisa Nestore are great to do business with.

I use PCA and Arbonne as well.

 I got into using PCA because of my current  employer.  PCA has good training. I learned a lot about hyperpigmentation that I didn't in school. I do feel though they are a little behind in their skin care.  A lot of the products don't smell so great either BUT they do have amazing results.

Arbonne products are gentle but have great results. Smell good and their look is a plus too.  They have a lot of online training and spend a lot on product research. They also have ways to get product up to 80% off!

I took a look at Lisa's suggestion for Image Skin care and they look more appealing to me.  They use organic ingredients and their look isn't as plain.

I know I talk a lot about the look of the skin care bottles but for me personally, my customers seem to go for the "prettier ones".  Everyone's customers are different.

Good luck with your journey :)

Thanks to everyone for all of your product knowledge.


 It takes time to Build...Ive been doing this 10 years ! 

I am curious, why are you renting right outta school?? Do You have any Clients??

I dont wanna burst your bubble, but it takes a while to build up...have you looked into a commisson type deal??? a lot of places will pay you a comission instead  , if you are a newbie, it may start around 35% ...while you build and gain experience..Its how most of us started... I prefered it , because i didnt have to come up with Rent!!

Take as many classes as you can...and Find your Passion!!  Be Great at something..Master it!

I use to do everything ,Facials ,Peels ,waxing.....but, for some reason, I was really good at Brazilian waxing, so a few years ago, I foucused on just that, and last Year, I opened my waxing parlor, and I now have a client list of 1000!!

Its the best decision  I ever made! every New client says they love that we Specialize!

Good Luck!! Its a Great Biz!!



Yup, specialization is where it's at - I make way more money now that I've specialized in acne, than I ever did when I was "all things to all people".
Just to add my 2 cents to the pot:  I have been using Skin Scripts on the back bar for a few months and a bit of retail.  So far I like the products and the cost is reasonable.  Another private label company that I have been retailing for 5 years is YG labs.  Their products are great, retail well and are also reasonable.  Let me know if you would like their contact info.  Another line that is  more on the expensive side is Hydropeptide.  I LOVE their Peptide serum and the SPF!  You will find that you like some things from line and some from another.  Dont be afraid to mix and match.  There is so much good stuff out there!  Use what you like!  My opinion on Arbonne--you are a skin care professional now.  You should be using and recommending professional skin care products.


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