The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has changed the wording in their regulations that would make it illegal for estheticians to perform services on anyone with acne. We are mounting a challenge to this, but NEED your support. The timing of this is critical, so please sign our petition today. Thanks in advance for helping us to keep doing what we love and helping people. 

Anyone can sign this petition. If you are not from California, sign it anyway. Remember, California tends to lead the way for other states to do the same. We need to stop this now. 

Here's the link to the petition:

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I shared on both my personal & business Facebook pages. Am also going to email all my clients.

Thank you for doing this!

Healthy skin & happiness,

Hi Augusta

Thank you SO much!  Here is a petition that I worded specifically for clients.  Feel free to share this link:

Fantastic, Laura! I do hope more esthes get on board. This would affect me significantly, as 60% of my clientele sees me for acne treatments. It would crush my livelihood.

We are going to fight the good fight!  We HAVE to!

The CA State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology just posted this on their Facebook page a few minutes ago:

"The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Board) would like to reiterate to licensees and consumers that California licensed estheticians and cosmetologists may continue providing services on skin that demonstrates grade 1 or grade 2 acne.
Currently proposed changes to section 984(e) do NOT affect or change the Board’s view on estheticians/cosmetologists providing services on skin that demonstrates grade1 or grade 2 acne."

While we are extremely happy with their response, we still would like to push for more clarification of the wording in our regulations, so misinterpretations don't keep happening to us.

I have to think that more than 1,000 emails sent to them from these petitions made the difference. Thank you ALL!



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