6 Tips for Helping Your Skin Survive Winter

When winter comes, we all like to indulge ourselves in long, hot showers and staying warm in front of the fire. But just like the cold temperature will dry out the skin, so will enjoying the warm indoors. During winter, skin tends to lose water which leads to irritations and itchiness, as well as to and can also exacerbate certain conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Therefore, taking care of your skin properly in winter will not only make it look great but also keep it healthy. So, here are 6 tips for helping your skin survive winter and have you look as radiant as ever.   

1. Take shorter and lukewarm showers

Long and steamy showers feel great but they are actually not good for your skin. Hot water removes moisture and essential oils from your skin, leaving it dried out in the end. If you can’t resist a hot shower, then have a short one lasting for not more than 10 minutes and only once a day.

Shorter showers with lukewarm water and fragrance-free products will help keep your skin healthy and even glowing in winter. Also, when you wash your hands, use lukewarm water since it’s equally efficient in removing germs and it won’t dehydrate your skin.

2. Use moisturizing products

Winter is time to change your skincare routine and use products that don't contain alcohol and fragrances so your skin doesn't lose natural oils. During the night, it's important to use a richer moisturizer on your whole body, not just your face. Hands are all the time very exposed to the elements so use creams and ointments instead of lotions after every washing to have them retain the moisture.

Waterproof gloves are a great way to preserve the skin on your hands when you do house chores like cleaning or washing dishes. In the end, investing in quality moisturizer with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid will defend your skin from pollutants and restore its hydration.

3. Keep exfoliating during winter

Exfoliation brightens the skin and gives you a glowing look helping the skincare products to penetrate better. It also helps cell regeneration by removing old ones and allowing for new skin to grow, and even slow down the aging process. Once a week exfoliation of your whole body will eliminate flaking and clean your pores making your skin soft and improving the tone.

You can use products for exfoliation or in-shower devices that are more effective than the manual process. Moreover, using devices will also minimize cellulite and easily tend to more sensitive areas since they use gentle brushes you can use on both dry and wet skin.

4. Care for your lips

It matters what kind of products you use for your lips and how you treat them during winter. Hydrating organic lip products will add moisture and soften the skin making them look amazing. Also, these products will protect your lips from the cold wind and prevent getting them chapped which is really uncomfortable and even painful.

Mix coconut oil, honey, olive oil, and sugar until you get a paste you will rub on your lips and gently scrub for a couple of minutes. If you already have dry and chapped lips, put raw honey on them and cover them with plastic wrap for 15 minutes. As a natural moisturizer, honey will hydrate your lips and give them a silky feel.   

5. Wear sunscreen

Even if it’s cold, the sun is still shining during winter and snow can reflect the rays exposing you to UVA and UVB radiation. Damaging UV rays penetrate clouds as well so put on your sunscreen product even on a dreary and darker day. Additionally, the sun is the main cause of aging signs, spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as cancer so applying SPF 15 or higher is highly recommended during winter.  

6. Eat, sleep and drink properly

While taking care of your skin from the outside will greatly help it stay healthy and radiant, you also need to pay attention to your diet. Fruits and vegetables rich with water, as well as dishes that are based on it like soups will help you replenish your electrolytes and keep you hydrated. However, drinking a sufficient amount of water during the day and avoiding salty foods will help your skin survive winter.

Sleep is another thing you should have enough in your life and at least 7-8 hours of it every night to allow your skin to regenerate. Not only will it mitigate aging signs like wrinkles, but it also gives you a healthy-looking and fresh complexion.  


Every season carries certain changes in your skincare routine that will give you healthy skin throughout the year. These 6 tips for helping your skin survive winter offer recommendations for a basic way to protect it against harsh weather and keep it nourished. But also you should find additional methods to care for your skin and have a wonderful complexion even during the low temperatures.  

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