Weight loss

Although it is the desire of many, especially women, a constant weight loss can be a sign that something is wrong. It's fine then investigate


One of today's most common obsessions is that of thinness. Women young and old, but increasingly also men, they do everything to be able to lose your excess pounds. Almost all are happy as soon as they see that the needle of their balance has fallen more than it should, without considering, however, that sometimes a sudden drop in weight of the organism may be a signal that is anything but positive.

From a medical point of view, in fact, when the weight loss (considered as a weight reduction equal to 10 percent or 15 percent of ideal weight) comes at a time too quickly and consistently, it means that something is wrong.

If the thinness comes in conjunction with a diet that you are following, this should not justify excessive weight loss than intended.

When instead, without any obvious causes, you lose more than two pounds in the space of just nine or 10 days, and the phenomenon continues over time, it's good to get suspicious.

In all these cases, you should consult a doctor to undergo a thorough examination and, when necessary, to laboratory tests (urine has blood both) designed to make a picture of the overall health of the body and, if necessary, to investigate the activity of the thyroid gland *, that if excess can result in sudden weight loss works.


In years when spring or summer arrives suddenly with intense heat waves or with considerable sudden changes in temperature, it can happen that you lose your appetite for some time.

No big deal, but in this case it is best to try to stay "fresh"/etc/init.d/apache2 and to feed with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

How Tt Affects You

Often a sudden weight loss is caused by factors a little worrying, and that maybe are repeated many times throughout their lives.


A strong flu attack or a dental problem that causes pain can affect appetite, lose a few pounds without compromising your health.


Other very common situations, but that often cause a certain decrease of weight, are traveling abroad in countries where eating habits are quite different than usual. No problem: simply try and adapt gradually to the new diet.

When a person decides to radically change their daily diet, such as becoming a vegetarian, can realize to lose a few pounds, especially in the early days of the change. This is not a problem, but only of the signal that your body is getting used to the new way of taking food.

Body Tilt

The causes of weight loss that can be identified are primarily divisible into two categories:

-physiological causes (i.e. natural);

-pathological causes (i.e. related to diseases).

The first come into play when weight loss is caused by alterations in normal body functions, not caused by disease or injury.See More Information of weight loss Review .

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