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Relationship between smoking and diabetes

What is the relationship between smoking and diabetes problems?

Smoking and diabetes are a dangerous combination. Smoking increases your risk of diabetes-related problems. If you quit smoking, you will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and nerve disease. Your cholesterol levels and blood pressure can improve. It will also improve blood flow. If you smoke, talk to your doctor to help you quit.

What else I can do to prevent…


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Best Weight loss Tips

Weight loss

Although it is the desire of many, especially women, a constant weight loss can be a sign that something is wrong. It's fine then investigate…


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Cellulite - what is it?

Cellulite (the so-called "orange peel skin") at some stage a problem for many women. Cellulite is not only cosmetic eluvia, but this is a pathology. Cellulite, in addition to the fat cells in the small blood vessels, and surrounding tissues. Cellulite occurs very slowly.

The three main…


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Skin Care during Pregnancy

When you get pregnant you face many changes in hormones and body. Estrogen and progesterone are produced more in a pregnant woman’s body. These hormones makes several changes, especially on the skin. To maintain beautiful and healthy skin, every expecting women should reconsider their skincare routine. Learn…


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12 Weight Loss Tips, 12 Weeks and 12 Pounds Gone, For Sure!

Never Skip Breakfast

Studies prove breakfast is best for weight loss. Many people think skipping it will help, however missing meals specially breakfast isn’t good because it encourages the snacking because of the hunger feeling.  …


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