How to Get a Flat Belly for Summer

As the first sunny spring days hit us with their positivity, it’s difficult not to think about the upcoming summer, all the time you want to spend outdoors and all the beaches you can’t wait to frequent. There’s just one little problem. Those heavy December meals and January comfort food have left their mark on your body. And since the days are getting longer and more beautiful, now seems to be the best time to fix that. Here are some tips for getting that perfectly flat belly to show off all summer long.

Be careful what you eat

It’s logical. If you want to lose weight and shape your body, you will have to make some adjustments to your diet. Of course, this also means that you’ll have to avoid certain food groups. Start with foods containing trans fats, such as margarines and similar kinds of spread. These may lead to excess abdominal fat, but also inflammation and heart disease, meaning that you should switch these fats for the good ones, like omega-3 fats from fish like salmon od mackerel.

You should also say no to anything with white flower or white sugar in it. On the other hand, you should focus your diet on proteins and fiber. Soluble fiber is good for you, since it absorbs water to create a certain type of gel, which then slows down the food going through your digestive system. It also helps in lowering your glucose and blood cholesterol levels. You can find it in flaxseeds, blackberries or avocados, while you can get the protein you need from meat, dairies, nuts or fish. Protein makes you feel full, boosts your metabolism and helps your body build muscle mass.  

Exercise wisely

The way you spend your calories is probably even more important than how much you eat, so make sure that you combine your healthy diet with some good training. Pick aerobic exercises and full-body strength training to get that perfect beach body, paying special attention to your glutes and belly. You should also do exercises that activate several muscle groups, like pushups, squats or rows for more effective workout sessions.

Do these exercises for as long as you can and choose an intensity that you’re comfortable with. Another way to build muscle mass more efficiently and lose the stubborn belly fat is through lifting weights and resistance training, even more so if you combine them with naturally-formulated weight loss supplements to help you burn fat and reduce your appetite. Also, if you exercise early in the morning, you’ll launch your metabolism for the entire day ahead of you.

Hydration matters

Not drinking enough water can actually weaken the effect of your workout, since any level of dehydration can have a bad influence not only on your exercising, but also on your potential to burn fat. Plus, your body will require some extra water if you work out regularly. About eight to ten glasses a day will be fine, but if you feel thirsty, it’s OK to drink more. However, try not to drink too much water, to avoid overhydration. In case you get tired of water and want to switch to something else, make sure that you stay away from sugary drinks, like sodas, chocolate milk or other soft drinks. They can cause you to gain weight and especially belly fat, which is what you’re trying to prevent.

Similarly, alcohol can also be harmful and can contribute to formation of belly fat, so stick to one drink a day, and not more. To add some flavor to your water, infuse it with citruses, berries or mint, or make some green tea instead. And when you drink water, feel free to drink it cold, since your body will use more calories on processing ice-cold water and regulating its temperature.

Stay motivated

Talking about heathy food and regular exercise is easy, but once it comes down to doing it, it can become a totally different story. This is why having proper motivation is essential, especially if your previous attempts at losing weight went awry as soon as you came across your first obstacles. Start with setting smaller and more achievable goals. With each goal you achieve, you’ll stay motivated longer. Furthermore, finding somebody who’ll be ready to exercise with you or even maintain the healthy diet you set for yourself can help you greatly.

The fact that somebody else depends on your decisions and actions may prompt you to think twice before you do something you don’t really want to. Introducing variety to your workout and your diet can also be motivating. This means that you can combine exercising in a gym with hiking, cycling, swimming or dancing, but also that you should do your best to cook different meals every day, so that you don’t get bored with the healthy food options. Finally, rewarding yourself for every lost inch of belly fat is also a good idea. Whenever you achieve a goal you set for yourself, treat yourself to a massage, buy a new piece of clothes or take your best friend to a good concert.

It will take some time, determination and a couple of smart choices to lose any belly fat you may have and get that flat belly you want. So, don’t waste any more time and get down to work today.

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