How To Launch a Successful Beauty Product or Service In 10 Easy Steps

In any business, having a successful product or service launch is essential to keeping your business going. Without new products or services coming out, and being marketed successfully you don’t have a business model. Some people are great at creating products and services but they fall flat when it comes to launching the product or service itself.


1.      Focus on Benefits Over Features


When you create your sales pages and marketing for any product or service it is essential that all the words you use focus on benefits over features. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Your customers want to know what’s in it for them. Tell them.


2.      Create Excitement and Buzz


Your pre-launch is just as important as the actual launch day when you have the product available for sale. You want your market excited that the product or service will be available soon to them. Send out sneak peeks of information to your list, social media followers, and your blog readers during product research, development and creation.


3.      Plan a Big Event


A big event prior to launch date or on launch date will create a lot of excitement. Much like a book signing event that authors do in person, your big event should give your market exclusive access to you so that you can present what you product will do for them, and so that they can ask questions prior to purchasing the product. A webinar is a great way to accomplish this task.


4.      Create Rarity


Create a product or service people will find unique, rare and one of a kind! It’s important to create a feeling of rarity in your marketing. First of all, even if you can sell that product or service forever, you probably don’t want to because it will become outdated. So don’t feel bad about having a cutoff date for your initial offer at a special price. It will get people to act on the product faster.


5.      Segment List Sign ups


When you build your list based on this new product that you’re creating, be sure to segment the sign ups specifically for this product, and remove them from this list once they have purchased the product after launch. Segmenting all your lists is an essential element in being able to create copy that speaks directly to a particular market.


6.      Offer Pre-orders and Ask for Reviews


A fun way to get buzz going is to offer select individuals a chance to purchase your product before the launch at a special rate in exchange for product reviews. Be ready at this point to change things if you get good reviews that offer insight into issues with your product. This will make your product even better.


7.      Host Planned Hangouts for Buyers Only


Today, a real incentive for anyone who wants to buy a product or service is having access to the creator. Plan a few Google Hangouts for buyers only during the first initial weeks of the product launch. This will give them a chance to ask questions, and you can get even more feedback for potential chances in the product.


8.      Create a Buyers Only Group


If you don’t want to do the hangouts another way to get really good feedback is through a buyer’s only group. Invite them after they have purchased the product, or make it part of the sales page and benefits of buying the product. Be sure to visit the group regularly and answer questions as they arise and empower others to help each other.


9.      Find a Partner


Nothing can increase sales faster than inviting in a strategic partner. Choose a partner (or partners) who market complimentary products to the same target market as you but are not direct competitors. Think about it, you’ll have access to their connections via email lists, social media, forums, blogs, etc… and vice versa.


10.  Spread The Word


Use every channel that you have available to spread the word about your product. Use your blog, your email lists, your social media networks, your affiliates, and more. Do not leave one stone un-turned when it comes to spreading the word about your product.


By following these ten tips you’ll have a successful product or service launch each time you create or improve and re-launch a product or service.

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Comment by Valarie on March 7, 2014 at 7:43am

Glad you enjoyed it Amy! Have a beautiful day! :)

Comment by Amy Sherman on March 7, 2014 at 7:33am

Good Stuff!

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