Make Healthy Choices in Your Life: Switch to Organic Inside Out

Lately we are hearing so much about organic lifestyle, that we could confuse it with nothing more than just a buzzword, but it is actually so much more. In a world burdened by our misuse of natural resources and our inexhaustible aspiration to change and improve what nature has given us, we have lost sight of what is actually important, and that is our health. Organic products provide us with something that we couldn’t otherwise get – a healthy body and a healthy planet at the same time. This is important for every individual trying to live a more natural life, and especially for parents who are keeping the wellbeing of the entire family in mind.

Healthy on the Inside

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Organic diet is the first step towards a healthier you. Since they are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, hormones and antibiotics, organic foods are free of toxins which are linked with numerous health issues. Furthermore, they contain much more nutrients per product than conventionally grown and produced food, so you are actually getting the best possible value. There are numerous reasons to switch to organic diet, and among them are your own health, health of the farm workers, preservation of the soil, protection of water, conservation of resources, fighting the global warming, and protecting the health of children. Children are more vulnerable to pesticides than adults, since they absorb a higher load of health-harming chemicals.  

Health Is Skin Deep

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Did you know that your skin can absorb more than half of what you are applying to it? Now that you have that information, would you still use your synthetic skincare products? If you would read and research all of their ingredients, you would see that many of them are linked with some serious health issues. Organic skincare products, on the other hand do not cause allergies, inflammations, and let alone some more severe problems. They are the best food for your skin, since they are nourishing it with safe and pure plant-based ingredients. Besides the products, you can turn to some organic skincare practices, like at-home facial steaming, natural exfoliation, using a humidifier and making your own face masks.

Don’t Forget the Make-up

Organic make-up has been getting a lot of attention lately, and deservedly so. It has become the choice of many celebrities, who opted for it because their skin was overwhelmed by the amount of make-up they have to use on a daily basis. Even if you use make-up rarely, you should make sure it is healthy and natural, since it too can be absorbed through skin. Unlike the synthetic make-up, natural face makeup and makeup removers do not contain toxins or petroleum-based ingredients, but they are nutrient-rich, so we could say that they perform the functions of both skincare products and make-up. Products made with natural minerals provide sun protection and they prevent premature aging. Their conventionally produced counterparts may enhance your beauty at the moment, but that comes at a cost of your future beauty.

With all the known dangers of synthetic food and untested cosmetic products, all the established benefits of organic products, switching to “green” diet and skin care routine shouldn’t be such a difficult decision to make. It is a step towards a healthier and more beautiful you, but it is also setting the example for your children and building foundations for their healthier lives.


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