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Permanent Makeup: The Pros and Cons You Should Be Aware Of

Social media dictate beauty standards that are almost impossible to meet. Everybody wants to look pretty as soon as they wake up. Applying makeup daily can be tiring. Even though it does not require a lot of time, sometimes you just need to rush out of the house without it.

This is one reason permanent makeup became so popular. A demand for it is getting higher among people who are not satisfied with some of their facial features.

However, it has its advantages and…


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How to Fake a Natural Glow

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Do you wish you could go back in time to that carefree period of childhood? Not only was life easier back then, with less worries and obligations, but our skin was smooth and healthy. There are people with naturally healthy and glowing skin who, seemingly without the slightest effort, manage to look flawless every day.

Not everyone is that fortunate, sadly, but…


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Get Office Ready in Ten Minutes

Let’s face it, considering the many activities you have to juggle throughout the day, ten minutes-tops may be all you need and have to get your makeup ready and arrive in the office in time. This article contains insightful information in regards to getting your perfect…


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Make Healthy Choices in Your Life: Switch to Organic Inside Out

Lately we are hearing so much about organic lifestyle, that we could confuse it with nothing more than just a buzzword, but it is actually so much more. In a world burdened by our misuse of natural resources and our inexhaustible aspiration to change and improve what nature has given us, we have lost sight of what is actually important, and that is our health. Organic products provide us with something that we couldn’t otherwise get – a healthy body and a healthy planet at…


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How to Keep Your Summer Glow

Our favourite time of the year is already here. Summer is all about getting a healthy glow on our skins, enjoying water activities and getting free from everyday hustle and bustle by the nearest pool or near the seaside. However, we would all like to keep our tan so now it is the right time to embark on your summer skin caring routine. By using the right type of cosmetics, applying bronzers and the right hues of eye shadows you are bound to keep you looking healthily tanned…


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Trending Nail Art this Year

Art is the most wonderful and further complicated world of fashion. Nail art in specific is a measure that people are always looking around for inspiration. Art designs exhibited this year have gone a notch higher in their art. They are so enigmatic and exciting such that you don’t want to miss what comes next. Well, here is a taste of what is trending this year in…


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Best Eye Makeup In 5 Minutes

Although most women will get accustomed to makeup really early, some even before they reach their teens, many will…


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Micro Needling, can we do it?

I've been really thinking about doing Micro Needling on my clients. I'm an esthetician and a Permanent Makeup artist in So California. I'm wondering, can I add this service to my menu? Does anyone know where I can get training? Also, I already have a permanent makeup machine. Can I use this or do the micro-needling pens work better?

Added by Denise D on July 8, 2013 at 3:29pm — 8 Comments

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